How to Choose the Perfect Cross Country Bicycle



Imaged above: Kona Major Jake 2013

Cross country cycling is about one thing: riding fast and beating your time. As a hugely competitive sport and also a great hobby to take up, cross country cycling is considered to be one of the more extreme forms of cycling and hundreds of thousands of people all around the world compete in cross country events every single year.

Much like having a fast and solid performing car is essential to any racing drivers success, having a fast and solid performing cross country bike is essential to a cross country riders success. Without the right kit, no matter how good you are, you will be limited in what you can achieve.

If you do not want to be limited by your bike and are shopping around online trying to find out what to look for in the perfect cross country bike, here are 4 top tips to consider.

1. Dedicated cross country bicycles are usually the best

Although a general purpose mountain bike is suitable for cross country riding, dedicated cross country bikes are almost always best. Kona Cyclocross are fantastic bikes for cross country riding, with the aluminium frames and tactile design making them nimble and strong enough for the harshest of cross country rides. Other reputable brands also sell dedicated cross country bicycles, such as Trek.

2. Remember that cross country bikes favour climbing agility

As a cross country cyclist your bike needs to be agile and nimble enough to climb slopes and keep up its pace. Heavy, road going bicycles simply do not offer this freedom. Always remember that a cross country bike in its design favours climbing agility with typical head angles between 70–71° for quick turns and stability.

3. For extremely difficult choppy terrain bicycles with a full suspension may be best

Not all terrain is the same and when riding cross country you simply cannot expect one course to be the same as the next. For this reason, bicycles with a full suspension or at least a front suspension set up will allow you to ride faster and harder, without the fear of your bicycle falling apart from the punishment of rough terrain.

4. Consider a single-speed bicycle to tone your skills

Almost all cross country bikes come with gears, however single-speed bikes have just 1 gear set at a time. This enables a rider to tone his skills, develop his technique and have no excuse for changing down. The gear set on your single-speed bike will be determined by the velocity you may travel, the terrain you will tackle and the size of the rider and bike itself.

Overall the best cross country bicycle for you will be the one that you are most comfortable riding and that can cope with where you will be taking it. For reliable bicycles that mean business and last, consider Kona Cyclocross bikes or other reputable brands in order to make the most out of your cross country riding straight away.

This article was contributed by Holly Powell on behalf of Kona Cyclocross by Global Bike, cycling specialists based in the UK.

Top 5 NBA Team Uniforms of ALL Time

The Association has – unlike many American sports – been known to change up their uniforms quite a bit. There’s a good and bad to this. On one hand, it’s nice to see teams change it up a bit. It drums up fan interest, which is most definitely a good thing. On the other, it opens the door for some really terrible uniforms. Trust us – there are a lot of bad uniforms in the history of the NBA.

We’re not going to focus on that. Here, we’re going to talk about the top 5 uniforms to ever hit the hardwood. It was a difficult list to make, especially when you consider how long teams have been changing their logos, names, cities, and gear. In any event; we hope to strike a balance between old and new, highlighting some of the best offerings of yesteryear and today.

Here’s our top five:

5. San Francisco Warriors Away (c. 1970)

This jersey is nothing short of iconic. It also represents the city as well as you could imagine. It’s got a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge on the front and a trolley on the back. When you think of San Francisco, you generally think of these two things. It’s almost impossible to make a list of amazing jerseys without mentioning this one.


4. Toronto Raptors Home (1995-1999)

This may be a controversial one, as many jersey aficionados generally stay away from the flashy screen-printed jersey era of the NBA. However – if you had to pick one – the Toronto Raptors jersey would probably be it. The logo was fantastic. The colours were, too. Clearly, this was one of the best representatives of the area.


3. Celtics Away (1946-Current)

Say what you want about the Celtics, they easily have one of the most recognisable jerseys on the planet. Celtic green simply looks good. It’s has since 1946. If anything, the consistency makes it deserving of a spot on this list.


2. Timberwolves Away (Early 2000’s)

The marketing department of the Timberwolves have been hitting home runs forever. They simply know how to make an aesthetically pleasing product. The font for the jersey is probably one of the best in the whole league. The same could be said about the green trim. It’s not overpowering, but it most definitely gives the jersey a lot of pop. It’s nearly perfect.


1. Chicago Bulls Away (1995-1997)

This pinstriped jersey is not only the best one of it’s kind – we think that it’s the best ever. Some people may feel indifferent about pinstripes. There’s even the chance that they may hate it. A lot of our enjoyment from this jersey comes from how short lived it was. Oh, it didn’t hurt that Mr. Jordan donned this jersey after the first comeback. It was also the 72-10 team. If you can look good and absolutely dominate your opponents on the court night after night, you’re deserving of the number one spot on this list.


There are many professional and local basketball associations that like to replicate some of the NBA’s teams most respected designs. Dunk Basketball Uniforms ensure that all uniform designs are of the utmost quality and preferences are catered for, for any design and material.

T-shirts for Men on Summer Season

Summer is the call for style and when you talk about fashion, t-shirt becomes the most preferred set of clothing for men. It gives a casual look and a comfortable feel that the season demands. Even a few decades back, men didn’t have many options for dressing. They either had to wear a shirt or a t-shirt without any varieties. Today, the scenario is completely different with down flow of latest styles and trendy wears which are meant particularly for men. T-shirts have become the staple for men’s fashion and carrying it out with proper accessories give individuality, vibrancy that the wearers always want.

Each of us has our own individual styles. But we also need to think whether the particular trend actually suits us or not. In case you have a dark complexion, the choice of colors for your t-shirt should be made wisely. Summer is also the time of sweat, so your choice should be those colors that are not too dark. There are a large number of light colored shirts available online. Men of dark complexion looks good in light shaded t-shirts. Take a pick from the unique color shades and break out from the old standard set of colors.

There are round neck t shirts for men, which are trendy and smart. Since it is summer, opt for 100% cotton outfit, which will give you cool and comfortable feel.  You can even buy sleeveless or half sleeved t-shirts from online shops. Slim fittings are even fashionable and banded cuffs at the sleeves give an appealing look to men. Check or striped t-shirts are always funky and light color combinations are even soothing to eyes on hot and humid climate. There is an ongoing debate, whether striped t-shits are more preferred than the solid ones. Well, this is a personal choice but if you are thinking of regular wear then solid colors are a better choice.

T-shirt is the most common dress available in the wardrobe of every man.  Moreover, your attitude and nature can even be judged from the dresses you wear. Therefore, make a careful choice while choosing a shirt for any occasion. The color as well as the design should equally go along with the event. It is not easy to leave an impression on you on the very first meet. But if you have chosen the right t-shirt, there are always chances of appreciation as well as recognition.

The online websites can give you a wide range of options about the t-shirts that can give you comfort on hot season. You can buy branded garments at low cost, which you may not get in the retail stores. Usually, men do not like shopping, for them online stores are the best option to avoid the crowded malls and choose their t-shirt at ease.

Great Men’s Haircuts For 2013

One thing men seldom realise is that there hair is as important as a woman’s do. Even if men tend to be less open to new styles or hairdos, many could still greatly benefit from an update or even more radical a change.

It’s too easy to get stuck into a comfortable malaise with your appearance and sometimes a new trendy haircut can help snap your out of it. Of course, not all modern hairstyles suit each and every person, but that said, many people can benefit from a change. Change can bring confidence and also a complete update of your look. So, let’s take a look at the styles in fashion for 2013.

Clipper Sides and Textured Top

This is quite a popular style for 2013 and will be ideal for men that want a change from a plain short back and sides. You want the sides to be a grade 4 and the top to be about 3 inches at the fringe. This means it is a lot easier to take care of. A style of this type works well pushed forward and also off the face.

Side Parting

The side parting never fades away and is timeless. It takes a little time to get right and it is best ask your barber for the length as he will be able to judge according to your face shape. Usually pomade works well with this sort of look as it creates that sheen.

Square Layer

If you are prone towards having long hair but don’t want the hassle, then this is an easily manageable style. It requires very little styling and can look either smart or messy depending on what you require. Just make sure a lot of the weight is removed from the sides to prevent it becoming bulky.


Of course, if you want to go the full hog, then long hair is also quite popular at the moment, though we’re not talking about Kurt Cobain style dirty long hair, more cared for sorts. Shoulder length that’s well cared for works best, so you’ll need to use conditioner and blow drying to keep things at their best. You want your hair to look clean and healthy and also have some definition, essential if you wear a blazer, shirt or suit to work.

Disconnected Length

The shorter this style is the more severe it looks and this means that if you work in a more conservative workplace it may not be ideal. Blending the disconnection makes it less severe and you have to remember that the styling is all about the top of the hair. It works well with the natural direction of hair and is easily maintained with regular cutting.

Cormac Reynolds writes for and has written numerous articles on fashion and hair for men.

It’s Official – 6 Pieces Of Clothing Every Women Needs In Her Work Wardrobe

Work wardrobes can be a bit of a nuisance. On the one hand, they need to be rather large, because you choose your clothes from them for 5 of the 7 days of the week. But, on the other hand, they’re really boring. No bright colours. No fun hemlines. Who wants to throw their money away on dowdy clothes they don’t like?

The answer to this conundrum is to invest in a few key pieces for your work wardrobe. A few pieces that are timeless, and can be worn a few times a week without any of your co-workers raising an eyebrow. Here are 6 items of clothing that do just that:

The Black Blazer

Simple and elegant, but powerful, the black blazer is a must-have for any woman’s corporate closet. Invest in a style that flatters you. This means trying on a few, each with different lapels, collars, shoulder pads etc. The line of the jacket down the waist and through to the hips is also really important for women. If you’re an hour glass figure, you ideally want the blazer to taper in slightly around this region, to enhance your curves and prevent you from looking too boxy.

The Pencil Skirt

The excellent thing about skirts is that no-one pays attention to them. If you just invest in one simple pencil skirt, you can then dress it up with different blouses and easily wear it three days a week. Colours to look out for are the classic black, deep navy or grey tweed, as these styles will match most blouse colours. Just be sure to keep an eye on the length. Nothing says ‘summer intern’ quite like a pencil skirt that’s sitting way above the knee; just below the knee is quite a flattering cut, and it’s – more importantly – appropriate for the boardroom.

The White Collared Shirt

Perfect for the warmer months, a simple white, collared, short-sleeved shirt is a versatile piece that is perfect for the workplace. Look for breathable fabrics (cotton) and simple designs (minimal ruching) that will last you a few years without going out of style.

The Women’s Pant

Pants can be tricky to purchase for the office. Skinny leg styles are generally considered to be inappropriate, while wide-legged, loose, styles can generate the same effect. When buying a pair of office pants, it’s important to consider how you would wear them. If you want to be able to tuck in your blouse, a high waisted wide legged pair of trousers can look chic, particularly on those with a tall, slim build. If you’d prefer to wear your blouse out, opt for a style closer to a bootleg jean cut, or a straight leg style.

The Black Flat

For walking around the office as well as navigating the city pavement looking for office space for lease, a pair of nice, black, flat shoes is definitely in order. Invest in these, because cheap flat shoes tend to fall apart quickly. Look for a design with minimal embellishments that fall out of style (tassels and crystals spring to mind).

The Black Pump

While your flats might be great for walking around the office, every corporate lady needs a trusty pair of pumps for meetings and functions. Aim for a heel of around 8-10cm, for a shoe that says ‘fierce’ without making you look like you’re going clubbing straight after work.

Lucy Ward is a girl who is desperately trying to climb up the corporate ladder. When she’s not slaving away from 9-5, she’s looking for office space for lease so that she can start a business venture of her own.

Important Shopping Tips for Nightwear

Gone are the days when women didn’t give much attention to shopping for nightwear.  Women’s sleepwear in the 16th century was plain and modest. Only cotton sleepwear Australia liked by most 16th century’s women. But the scenario has changed drastically from 18th century to till those days… Women give much preference to nightwear and never hesitate to take out special time from their busy schedule for shopping of nighties. Many of them never mind to secure a place in their wardrobe for collecting nightgowns. Looking at this mind-set for nightwear sounds interesting and gives a hope to fashion industry to experiment with designs, fabrics and patterns in sleepwear….

Let’s come to the point…

There is no doubt that around 50% women end with shopping the nightgown that doesn’t suit to their body. Why it is so? There are various reasons behind it.

The foremost thing is that women give preference to style rather than fitting. For many women, especially married ones, nightgowns are merely to show more flash. They want sensual nightgown that can increase the meter of love high. They are 100% true that a sleepwear plays an important role in making your love life strong.

Everyday your partner finds a new attraction on you when you come in wearing a sensual nightgown. But it doesn’t mean that you avoid fitting. Never ever try to buy too tight or too loose nighties. If you buy an unfit nightie, you will fail to get the charm you looking for. A tight gown will give uncomfortable sleep and you will never feel fresh. So, here the main point is to give priority to fitting first and then jump to style. Measure your hip, waists and bust to get the right fitting. Visit your nearby tailor to get an accurate measurement.

Now, you need to give priority to fabric of your sleepwear. Today, the fashion world offers cotton, silk, satin and other fabrics nightgown to choose from. If you have sweating problem, it’s good to buy cotton as the sweat absorbing power of the fabric is better than other fabrics. Cotton is also a skin friendly fabric that keeps body cool and skin infections at bay.

Silk is an all-natural fabric. The fabric has a light simmer and shine. A silk sleepwear for women is considered sensual and to buy it you have to pay a little more than cotton and satin. Scientists have proved that silk is hypoallergenic, so you can buy a silk nightgown. Many women who prefer comfort plus style like to go for silk. Satin is a man-made fabric that is not very comfortable. If you would like to buy a satin nightwear, ensure about not to wear for a long time.

These are a few things to know to make your shopping for nighties full of happening.

Prom 2013: Run the Show

It’s your senior year and prom is creeping close, you are searching for the dress that will make everyone say:
“Who’s THAT girl?!”
Here are tips that will have you dropping jaws everywhere you turn….


This is your night but it takes planning to acquire perfection. Here are some ideas for dressing your body in the perfect glamour gown.


  • Petite Girl: Flaunt what you’ve got. You can go long or short but don’t drown yourself in your dress. Don’t be afraid to have your dress FIT well.


  • Rectangular/Boy Shaped Girl: Get a dress that GIVES you the curves you deserve.  Look for a dress with a different color top than bottom.


  • Hourglass: So yes you have a great body shape so don’t cover it in a drape. Why not wear something that clings from the top to the waist to show off your desirable shape and amazing body? Have some fun!


  • Pear Shape: If you have a wider bottom than a top, draw the attention to your top portion. Consider a dress that flares and show off your beautiful sense of style and self.


  • Top Heavy/Apply Shape: If your top is larger than your bottom,then you might want to avoid the mega tight dress that reveals all, don’t bring attention to you midsection. Instead you should aim for an empire waist gown that accentuates your chest but flares from the middle down.


  • Plus Size: There are more options available than you think. However it depends on what YOU want to showcase. Pick a dress that hugs you lovely but allows breathing room. and also one that highlights what you love and focuses on your positives. You are beautiful.


Gangnam Style Clothing- The Latest Trend in Fashion

The Gangnam Style is a K-pop release by the musician PSY from South Korea. The song is very popular and it has one of the highest number of viewers on YouTube. This song was released in the month of July 2012 and was number one on Gaon Chart of South Korea. This video is so popular that in the month of December it became the first online video to reach a billion hits on the internet. Right now, the video has been viewed over 1.320 billion times on a video-sharing website YouTube. In September 2012 the Gangnam style was acknowledged by Guinness World records as the most liked video on YouTube.


The song continued to gain enormous popularity and because of that clothing and fashion accessories of the Gangnam Style has become a fantasy in the world. The Gangnam Style clothing is trendy and fashionable and it also comes in varieties such as T-Shirts, Playsuits, Hoodies and Suits. These different fashionable Gangnam style clothing is available for all the age categories including Men, Women and Kids.

Following is the classification of Gangnam Style Clothing:

Tuxedo : The Gangnam style clothing includes lots of ideas on what one could put on and where one could find these specific types of clothing. It includes the very popular PSY Gangnam style Tuxedo jacket costume which is available in green or blue colors. The jacket in the outfit has a satin look and it looks like sequin trimming . The jacket looks cool and under the jacket there is a stylish black shirt with a white untied bow which really makes the look stand out. The black tuxedo with white or black shoes looks classic.


T- Shirts: The Gangnam Style T-shirts are very popular especially among the youngsters. The cool and funky Gangnam style T-Shirts are unique , stylish and specially designed for the young generation. These T-Shirts are just full of awesomeness and class. Some of these Gangnam style T-Shirts are in Korean and some are in English. The Gangnam Style T-Shirts are not just for Boys but there are T-Shirts for girls such as Darkside Style which looks amazing . For a complete Gangnam Style look , one should assort the chosen outfit with some funky sunglasses . The Gangnam Style Kids T-Shirts are also popular and looks extremely cute on kids.

Accessories: The Gangnam style accessories like Sun Glasses, especially the black sunglass of PSY in the Gangnam video are the current choice of many people. Gangnam style shoes have also become a favorite choice of all the fans. Gangnam style has created an awesome fever that more than thousands of Gangnam style accessories are available in the market.

Jordan help people in customization their own garment and he likes to write on fashion topics.

Give Your Living Room a Piece of Your Personality with Leather Suites

Home décor is something that most people take quite personally. Your home is the place where you can feel most at ease, safe, and entertain guests. This means you want your home décor to help you create and achieve the homely environment that you want. This could be modern, traditional, or a bit of a mix depending on what you like. The way in which you furnish your home should speak volumes about you and reflect your personality with your tastes and preferences in décor and furniture.


If you are looking to recreate your home and inject some of your own personality into it, then the suite you choose can make a big difference. Leather suites in particular are really popular today and can create the modern or traditional environment you are looking for. They can fit perfectly into any living room incorporating the design and tastes you want to implement into your room. They can help you have a statement and create a feature.

Leather can be used in any setting and goes with most things. The colour and design you choose will have an effect on this of course, but the great variety also means there is something to suit every taste. Leather suites are luxurious in the way the look, fit into the room, and in the way they feel to touch. They can become the perfect feature in any home and help you achieve what you want from your living room. They can create that homely feeling whilst creating the environment you want in combination with the rest of your furniture and décor. One of the best things about leather suites is that they are so easy to clean! So, they are convenient too and will look great for a long time to come. They are durable and can last in the most hectic of family homes so they are a great option for everyone. Leather is known for this durability and really lasts its time.

Leather suites let you incorporate the style you want in your home without worry. You don’t have to stress about whether or not a piece of furniture is too daring because the suites come in so many different designs and colours. This means you can introduce something new and different into your home that can suit everything else in your room. If you choose a black suite you can guarantee that it will go with everything. If you have your own colour scheme, then you can ensure you can find the perfect match for your tastes. The options are out there so you can create a refreshing focal point in your living room.

Finding the perfect sofa for your tastes and your current décor is easy today. Once upon a time, the only option was to traipse around stores to find what you were looking for. This often meant making do with what the store had to offer to save going to another one. Today shopping online makes finding the perfect new suite for your living room simple. You can find abundant designs and styles to choose from so you can enjoy the new feature for your room and a new lease of life that incorporates everything you are looking for. Use the web to browse many options so you can get the best in price as well as design.

Genelia  is a freelance writer based in North Wales. Genelia loves leather suites and the difference they can make to create the perfect environment. Genelia enjoys writing fiction and shopping online in her spare time.


Top things to do in the UK – Summer 2013

The UK is a brilliant place to have a holiday with plenty to offer both in it’s bustling cities and in it’s vast countryside. In the summer months especially, the UK has plenty of attractions open and things to do which suit people of all ages and with different interests. It may be worth picking up a car rental in Chester, manchester, london or wherever you are in the country and going for a road trip and see where you end up. Here are a few top picks for you to try out this summer:



There are tons of great festivals taking place in 2013, whatever your music taste your sure to find something that you like. The Happy Days Festival situated in Surrey takes place in June and will take you back in time with music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, it’s one for those who like to reminisce and enjoy some serious dancing. The larger and more well known festivals taking place this year include Glastonbury, T in the Park, Creamfields and Reading which includes acts ranging from U2, and Coldplay to Jake Bugg and Azelia Banks. Take a look at The Festival Calender to make sure you don’t miss out on your favourite music event!

Have a beach BBQ

Places such as Abersoch in Wales are the perfect place to chill with friends and make great summer memories because they have beautiful beaches. Not only this, but hanging out with friends as the sun sets and having a BBQ costs little to nothing and everyone is invited! Wherever you spent your UK holiday, be sure to make a trip to the coast just once and make the most of the sunshine and warm weather.

Spend a sunny afternoon in the countryside

The countryside is the perfect place to take up a number of activities which the whole family can enjoy. These can include anything from horse riding in the New Forest to taking a long walk through the hills in the Lake District. One of the most attractive areas of the UK is Cheshire which is full of character buildings and rolling countryside. Be sure to get out early so that you can make the most of your day and get plenty of fresh air, then perhaps you can kick back in the evening with a nice meal at a local restaurant.

However you decide to spend your summer, make sure that you check out the local attractions and make the most out of the Great British weather!

This article was contributed by Holly Powell on behalf of Inglewood Manor a beautiful hotel set in the Cheshire countryside – to visit the website click here.