3 Common Workplace Accidents You Need to Watch Out For

In an industrial environment, worker safety needs to be a top priority. Unfortunately, unsafe conditions or negligent or careless behaviour can easily contribute to a serious accident. Companies that haven’t taken adequate precautions could find themselves subjected to a lawsuit. By taking proactive measures to prevent such incidents from occurring, you can protect employees and avoid the lost productivity and other setbacks that can result after an accident.

1.        Falls

Slips and falls are perhaps the most common injury in industrial settings. Falls that occur from a great height can be fatal, so protect your employees with a roof edge protection system. Sturdy railings around rooftops and scaffolding can prevent many falls, as will requiring employees to wear safety harnesses when working at potentially dangerous heights.


Spills often contribute to slip and fall accidents in the workplace. Make sure that your warehouse has clear reporting and cleanup procedures in place, as even a few boxes left in a warehouse aisle can pose a hazard.

2.        Falling Objects

Many warehouses contain towering shelves stacked with equipment or inventory that needs to be shipped out. If not properly stored, it can easily fall, damaging the equipment and injuring anyone who happens to be in the way.


You can prevent these incidents by installing adequate storage areas with reinforced shelving, safety netting, and other additions that reduce the risk of a spill. You should also train employees on how to safely store and remove items to further minimize the risk of an accident.

3.        Loud Noise & Toxic Fumes

Though loud noises and chemical fumes may not seem to pose an immediate threat like a slip and fall, they can also prove harmful to your employees’ well-being. Continuous exposure to loud noises can lead to industrial deafness, while exposure to toxic fumes can cause eye or skin irritation and potentially contribute to cancer or other illnesses.


To avoid needing to pay a hefty payout for these medical conditions later on, be sure to provide adequate safety equipment for the type of work your employees perform. You should also require employees to wear this equipment while on the job. Noise-cancelling headphones and safety goggles are a relatively small investment for someone’s long-term health.


These are hardly the only potential accidents that could occur in a warehouse or industrial workplace. Facilities managers should carefully evaluate the potential hazards their employees face on a daily basis and take proactive measures to mitigate the risk. By prioritizing employee safety, you will enjoy greater productivity from your team.

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