5 Haunted Places in Britain

Everyone loves a spooky story from time to time. Some people decide to take things further and visit places that are reportedly hunted. If this idea tickles your fancy, read on to find out about five of the most famous haunted locations in the United Kingdom.

Wardley Hall, Manchester


Wardley Hall is located six miles away from Manchester city centre. This Grade I building serves as the residence for the Catholic bishop of Salford, and dates from the 16th century. There has been a moat on the grounds of Wardley Hall since the early 13th century, and part of the legend is associated with it. The story goes that in the 1700, a local resident named Roger Downes was killed in a fight (which he seemed to pick quite often). Following his burial, a skull began to appear in different places around Wardley Hall, no matter how hard people tried to dispose of it. They even threw the skull in the moat, but allegedly this caused a storm so bad that the moat had to be drained and the skull retrieved. Although Wardley Hall used to offer accommodation, you are better off staying at one of the Manchester five star hotels nearby.

Glamis Castle, Scotland


Glamis Castle is one of those places that simply have a haunted feeling to them. One can easily come up with a ghost story just by looking at its towers, spires, and statues. And in fact, it is said that not just one, but four ghosts roam the castle, including the spirit of a disfigured woman, the ghost of a young black servant, and the spirits of Earl Crawford and Lady Janet Douglas, who faced tragic deaths. Visitors have reported hearing loud swearing, knocking sounds in the chapel, as well as seeing apparitions leaning over their beds or in the courtyard.

The Tower of London


Considering its dreadful history and the purposes it served in the past, it is hardly surprising that many people believe that the Tower of London is haunted. In fact, there have been so many reports of sightings that paranormal investigators have been to the tower in several occasions. The first apparitions in the tower date from the 13th century. Some of the most recurrent reports mention screams coming from the cell where Guy Fawkes spent his last night, footsteps on the roof, an overpowering perfume smell, and a headless figure wearing a dark cloak.

The Red Lion Inn, Avebury


Located only a few miles away from Stonehenge, this 17th century inn was a farm during the English Civil War. Patrons have reported seeing the ghost of a woman called Florie, who seems to have lived in the farm during the war. She began an affair while her husband was fighting on the frontline, when he returned unexpectedly and found her with her lover. Blinded by rage, he shot the guy and cut his wife’s throat. Later, he threw his wife’s body down a well in the property. The well still exists, and many have claimed that they saw the ghost of a woman walking in circles around it.

Pluckley, Kent


This small village near Ashford has won the title of being the most haunted village in the country. There are more than 16 ghosts that regularly “patrol” the streets of Pluckley. The small hotel known as Elvey Farm is an important centre of paranormal activity, as guests have reported seeing (and hearing) the spirit of a man who killed himself at the property in 1900, as well as the spectres of a lady dressed in red, a highwayman, and an old schoolmaster who was found hanging from a tree.

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