All about injuries due to a blind parking spot

Blind parking spot is the spot where either the parked driver can’t see the upcoming car in the road or the cars that are currently going can’t see if the parked car is coming out of the parking slot. This can be either one of them or both. The who owns the place should keep in mind that such a spot is not present as it may cause a lot of accidents. Also, it is difficult to take out the parked car from a blind spot.

Therefore, the owner of the place should keep in mind that such things don’t happen. Just in case something like this happens, the owner must fix the whole issue as soon as possible and do something about it to resolve it.

However, if the owner of the place doesn’t do anything and accident happens due to the blind spot. You can surely sue the owner of the parking lot.  It is the owner’s responsibility to keep in mind all the things before they create a parking space. All of these things along with other small things such as marked bumps, etc should be kept in mind. If they don’t it is their mistake if the accident happens.

What you can do?

First of all, if the accident hasn’t happened yet and you just noticed the blind spot. You can simply suggest the issue of the authorities.

If the accident has already happened due to the blind spot, you can sue the owner. You will need to document the whole incident and take pictures of the blind spot to make the work easier.

Once you have done all these things, you can simply walk into Fisher & Talwar or contact them via email or phone about the incident. They have reputed lawyers and will help you out with the incident. You can just discuss the included with them and show them the pictures that you clicked. They will analyze your case and will suggest you if you can go legal against them.

If yes, you can just file a case against them.

What you will get?

When you file the case, you will be able to get the money for all the expenses that you spend and all the damages that you dealt with. This includes all the car damages as well as the person damages such as medical expenses. You will get money for all the medical expenses such as medical bills, hospital rooms, etc. Moreover, if the injury was more, you can even get more.

Moreover, there will be something done with their blind parking g spot in order to fix it. So, in other words, there won’t be any more accidents caused due to this particular spot. In this way, you can get justice by going to the lawyer. Even if you don’t want the claim money, you should file a case as it will give your people justice and most importantly the spot will be fixed immediately to avoid further cases and claims.


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