All You Need to Know about SlicethePie: Is it Worth Your Time?

There are so many survey sites out there that it can actually be difficult finding the right site for your needs. If you want to earn money online by doing surveys, answering questions, and what-not, then you should take a careful look at sites offering this kind of money-making endeavour. But amongst the many survey sites nowadays, there is one that is undoubtedly unique. SlicethePie is a survey site with a difference: rather than answering a survey about a particular product or customer experience, you get to listen to new music recordings and rate them. In essence, with SlicethePie, you become a music critic for new musical work. Here’s all you need to know about SlicethePie: is it worth your time?

How it works

SlicethePie gives you the opportunity to listen to new and unreleased songs and critique them according to their style, vocals, arrangement, lyrics, instruments, and more. You will be expected to write a review, and the better-constructed your review is, the higher you can get paid.

You have to listen to a track recording of about 90 seconds, and then write a review as well as rate the song from 1 to 10. But what matters most is your review – if you write a review with 60 words, this can let you earn about 4 cents, but if you write a review totaling 100 words, then you can earn about 5 cents.

Ways to earn money with SlicethePie

As mentioned, one way you can earn money with SlicethePie is by writing reviews and rating songs. But you can earn more if you get a higher ‘star rating’ as a music scout. When you start with SlicethePie, your star rating as a ‘scout’ is only 1 star – but it can get higher as you go along, especially if you write good, quality reviews. You can get up to a 5-star rating as a scout.

There’s another way to earn money with SlicethePie – by referring your friends to the site. When you refer friends, you can get as much as 10% from the track sessions of your referrals.

The big question: is it legitimate?

Now comes the big question: is SlicethePie legitimate? Well, we’re happy to tell you that yes, it is. The site is a hundred percent legit. It features all the legal requirements you are looking for, such as payment proof, privacy policies, and legitimate reviews. But whilst it is legitimate, the money you earn cannot obviously replace your day job. However, if you like music, then go for it – it’s a unique and fun experience, and getting paid for listening to songs is a big bonus indeed.

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