Alone in the Big City: How to Make it In the Hookup Scene

So college has started or there was a better job opportunity waiting for you somewhere far away from home. Whatever it is, you moved to the bigger city. Maybe you know one or two people there, but you are alone – where do you begin and where do you meet new people and potential hookups?

After you turn on the GPS on your phone and start learning the streets and interesting places, you will want to know where to meet someone fun to spend the night with. Let’s be honest, your body is very enthusiastic when you move to a new place. You have a momentum that makes you yearn for adventure, and you’re hyped about meeting someone.

So, how do you make it in the hookup scene?

Get To Know Popular Places

Every city has its interesting and popular places where people meet up for drinks and dancing. Getting to know those places will help you find someone beautiful and interesting, which won’t be that hard given the dynamic character of such clubs and bars.

Turn on your location, let your browser and social platform recognize where you’re located and explore the events that are near you. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself swamped by events and bars. There will be tons of options to choose from, depending on what you like.

Don’t hesitate. It’s a totally new adventure! Go everywhere whenever you have the time. The energy that you have in those first months as a newcomer is perfect for a hookup. Don’t waste it by sitting home doing boring stuff, you’ll have time for that later. Big cities can be overwhelming, so having a familiar spot that you visit often is a good idea. But for now, explore your possibilities and other areas.

The big city never sleeps. Be bold, and put yourself out there. It’s like your personal enormous playground.

Try Online Dating

If you don’t have all the time in the world to search every corner of the city, try hookup sites! If you are the type of person who doesn’t enjoy being outside for too long, then dating sites will give you an extra hand in finding that hookup.

Dating sites will help you fight boredom and, of course, give you an opportunity to meet someone. And soon enough you will! Since it’s the big city, there are tons of options for a match. But we need to address the importance of safety in these types of encounter.

We all know what condoms are used for. Don’t forget measure of precaution, because with all the excitement you can end up in an awkward and potentially dangerous situation.

The best shot you have to make it in the hookup scene is to be available. Check your email and messages frequently. Make your profile attractive and mysterious. Point out that you just came to live there and you are eager to explore and meet someone new. As we said previously, the main benefit of living in the big city is that there are so many options available!

Make the most of it and, most importantly, enjoy it.

Also, try meeting many people as possible. Add them on your social platform. Slowly, you will start seeing lots of different possible hookup partners and the possibility of chatting with them. The progress will pay off and it’s just a matter of time when the final piece of the jigsaw is put in the right place.

Be passionate about it

Having all this said, the only thing that is left for you is to want this, and feel passionate about it. If you put the effort in it, it will bring you success. The important thing to address is that you only want hookups. The big city gives you plenty of options, from extraordinary places to awesome people. And the good element is that when you eventually sleep with someone, most likely you’ll never see them again.

Have a measure in drinks, nobody likes wasted person, and put your emotions on to the side. Dive in the adventure of the big city, and keep it rollin’!

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