Changing Our Ways for a Brighter and Better Future

In our world today, one of the most pressing concerns to date is climate change across the globe. Nations are trying to work together to help save Earth’s environment by joining hand in hand to mitigate the problem. But these efforts will not be enough if we, as individuals, are not willing to change our ways.

Our carbon footprint contributes to this growing problem because greenhouse gases can be emitted through everything that we do. We are the number one emitters of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Greenhouse gases largely come from the production and consumption of food and fuels, manufacturing goods and materials, the building of roads and infrastructure, using transportation and other services.

Because of this, our world is becoming more polluted with each passing day.

What are the tragic effects?

Because of climate change, extreme weather conditions such as droughts, heat waves, heavy snowfall, and heavy rainfall with flooding will more frequently happen. This also might trigger the extinction of vulnerable species due to the shifting temperatures. These will have a significant impact on our daily lives. For example, there will be a threat to food security resulting from decreased crop yields.

What changes are being made?

Some countries are radically changing their economic, social, cultural and political protocols to reduce human participation and influence in causing the distressing state of climate change. Some are undergoing emissions reduction and building systems that are resilient to emission effects to adapt to the change in the environment.

Social responsibility: What can you do?

We cannot avoid the fact that this problem needs to become a priority. We need to focus our attention on solving this problem if we are to see our home last for the next generation to come. It is not only the national governments’ job to produce protocols to change the current state of the Earth but, large corporations must also step up to the challenge to bring in and spark the change that will have profound echoes into the next generation. More importantly, we have to be ready to change our lifestyles and mindsets because the change starts with.

One of the ways in which large corporations and we as ordinary individuals can support the green movement, is by being socially responsible. It is the duty of every CEO of every company to maintain a balance between the economy and the environmental ecosystem that exists. This includes reducing emissions of dangerous toxic pollutants. Social responsibility means sustaining and maintaining the equilibrium of our ecosystem. This pertains not only to business organisations but also to everyone whose any and every action impacts the environment.

A good start is taking environmentally friendly taxis. This type of taxi is targeting the source of the most carbon emissions which are carcinogenic and, as such, become the main cause of lung cancer. We as consumers must also be smart about the choices we make. Instead of taking carbon emitting cars, we must move to stand against these by riding cleaner hybrid vehicles using cleaner fuel technologies. This will have a large impact on the years to come in reducing air pollution.


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