Consider an RV Trip Through NYC? 3 Pointers to Keep in the Back of Your Mind

When we think about the Big Apple, it’s only natural to think about big city lights, massive crowds and a thriving metropolis that never sleeps.

Quite the opposite of your traditional RV trip, right?

Early morning in still empty streets of New York, between the skyscrapers

That said, there are a surprising amount of RV rentals in New York City and opportunities to experience to experience NYC that don’t involve staying in a crowded, pricey hotel. Beyond keeping money in your pocket, an RV trip to the Big Apple likewise ensures that you don’t spend too much time cooped up on the streets.

There’s no denying that an RV trip to New York City requires some special attention to detail in regard to planning, though. Whether you’re looking to stay for the long-term or simply pass through, here are three things to keep in the back of your mind before you embark.

Navigating the Streets

Benjamin Preston’s New York Times story of the difficulties of driving an RV through NYC is a telling sale for novice drivers. That is, navigating the streets of New York can be rough enough of any vehicle given the constant stop-go traffic and pedestrians. Throw a massive RV into the mix and you have a surefire recipe for a driving nightmare.

As a result, make an obvious effort to keep off the busy streets if possible and likewise don’t put a newbie driver behind the wheel of your RV. More than likely you’ve been staying off the beat-and-path anyway, so don’t shy away from shuttles, Uber or other forms of public transit. Whatever price you pay will be worth avoiding the headache.

Finding a Place to Park

As noted, you’re likely going to find yourself in nearby New Jersey even if you’re looking to get the full “New York” experience. RV parks such as Liberty Harbor in Jersey City are among the most-reviewed online and represent the standard for what RV enthusiasts should expect in terms of accommodations. The reality remains that finding reasonable RV parking in NYC is unlikely unless you’re sporting a van-style vehicle.

Again, it’s all about planning. Factor in how long it’s going to take to get from Point A to Point B and try to make the absolute most of your time in the city proper while you are there.

Keeping Money in Your Pocket

It’s no secret that NYC isn’t exactly the cheapest place to visit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the city on a tight budget. Between the seemingly endless free sights and activities such as Central Park and the 9/11 Memorial, you can fill hours of your visit day after day without spending a dime.

Additionally, RVing allows you to sort out your own entertainment and food options, meaning that you don’t have to blow out your travel budget on the likes of Broadway or five-star cuisine unless you really want to.

Is it impossible to enjoy NYC via RV? Absolutely not! As long as you have realistic expectations and understand what you need to do to make it happen, you’re golden. With these tips in the back of your mind, you’ll do exactly that.


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