Crucial Things to Do After Chiropractic Adjustments

You might have questions about chiropractic treatment, but you decide to push through with the process anyway. You looked for someone who can do the job and were brave enough to get treatment. Once the chiropractor finishes making the necessary adjustments, you will gradually feel better. You still need to follow the instructions given to you to avoid further complications.

Don’t do anything stressful

After the treatment, clear your schedule. If possible, don’t go back to work yet. Avoid doing strenuous exercises. Don’t go to a massage parlour either. Chiropractic treatment is different from a massage. Masseurs are not experts when it comes to your specific case. They could make things worse for you. Give it a few days before going back to your usual routine.

Pay attention to the adjusted area

Just because you have got the treatment does not mean everything is okay now. You have to pay attention to the area that was affected. Determine if the area still hurts, or things are starting to feel better. Observe proper posture, and avoid overusing the affected area. Write down what you think so that on your next visit to your chiropractor, you can discuss it.

Go back to your chiropractor within 24 to 48 hours

After the first adjustment, you need to see your chiropractor again. It is to assess if your body is responding well to the adjustments. The first few hours are crucial. There should be positive changes at this point. Don’t wait until a week after since you might have had several changes by then. Your chiropractor also needs to monitor the situation to determine the next step. There are signals in your body that tell if it is responding well. Your chiropractor needs to assess these signals.

Don’t sit for an extended period

Although it is not advised to do strenuous activities, you should also avoid doing the opposite. It does not help if you are in a sitting position for several hours. If you sit, observe proper posture. You can also ring an alarm so that if you feel like you have been sitting for quite some time, you can stand up and move around.

Drink lots of water

It is essential that your spine gets sufficient water. It helps nourish your discs and keep the spine supple. The rule is to drink water which is half of your body weight (in ounces).

Sleep properly

When you sleep, you can either relax on your back or your side depending on the recommendation of your chiropractor. If you have desired having a memory foam mattress, now is the best time to get one. Your body needs this type of bed not to disrupt your spine. If you can’t afford this mattress, get the right pillow.

Getting the first treatment is just the first step. You still need to do a lot of things towards healing. You can check out for more information about chiropractic adjustment, and its benefits.


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