Do You Need a Practical Yet Attractive Worktop Material? Then Quartz is for You

When choosing a material for your worktop, there are several aspects to consider – not only does the material have to be strong and easy to maintain, it needs to look good and fit within the budget. Granted, there are a few other choices out there that are just as popular, but none of them compare to quartz when it comes to convenience and elegance in one. If you’re still doubting and wondering why this engineered and manufactured material should be at the top of your list, then here’s an overview of its major advantages. Quartz: the only material for you if you need a practical yet attractive worktop.



Compared to other materials (granite or marble, for example), quartz is very cost-effective. In fact, it is often preferred simply because it’s a lot easier on the budget than other alternatives. Quartz is also economical on the longer term – it’s so easy to clean and requires no serious maintenance on a regular basis, so you save money over time as well.


Though quartz is manufactured and not natural, it is composed of natural materials and does resemble the real deal. However, those who choose quartz will have more colours and designs to pick from – and this is a great advantage as it is easier to blend with other materials, such as wood or other stones, that are often found in the kitchen.


Quartz is amazingly strong – stronger than natural alternatives such as granite or marble. What’s more, because it is made with about 7% of polymer resin (to bind the minerals together), there is a certain elasticity to the material that natural rock doesn’t have. This also makes it more shock-resistant than its counterparts.


Quartz is non-porous. This means that water left on the worktop for a while can’t seep into the material – and this in turn means that there’s no such thing as a permanent stain. Furthermore, this waterproof quality means it’s very easy to clean and maintain.


This non-porous quality also ensures that no bacteria can seep into the material; hence, quartz is anti-bacterial and more hygienic than its natural stone counterparts.

And here’s an extra advantage that makes quartz so ideal: compared to natural stones such as granite or marble, quartz worktops, especially quartz worktops London from J.R. Stone, offer a colour consistency that doesn’t change over the years. You see, often other materials are dyed in order to make it more appealing (think of black granite), yet the dye gradually changes or fades over time. You don’t have that problem with quartz worktops. And by the way, did we mention that it usually comes with a lifetime warranty? When thinking long-term, think quartz.

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