Do You Want a Truly Exciting Edinburgh Holiday? Here are the Top Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Edinburgh is a city which has not lost its old-world charm, and it has a lot of modern attractions to be proud of as well. This unique combination of old and new has made Edinburgh a popular destination for tourists from around the world. In 2015, the number of tourists visiting Edinburgh reached almost 4 million, and this number has steadily been on the rise ever since. But if you are planning to visit the city of Edinburgh, what can you expect? Do you want a truly exciting Edinburgh holiday? Here are the top things you shouldn’t miss.

Sample the whisky

Whisky is the ‘national drink’ of Scotland, and for good reason. If you want to taste true whisky and not the ilk produced by Jack Daniels, then you’ve come to the right place. Scotland’s whiskies are plentiful, and a taste of the country’s whiskies is not as expensive as you may think. If you have time, why not go on a whisky distillery tour outside Edinburgh as well? Some of the best whiskies in Scotland can be found in the distilleries of the Highlands, Campbeltown, Speyside, and Islay.

Take part in the many festivals and fetes

The different seasons bring with them some great festivals and fetes, and these are some of the best things to do in Edinburgh. One festival which is always popular with the locals, as well as the tourists, is the Edinburgh Festival, which is said to be the world’s biggest carnival – and it’s free. During the Edinburgh festival, don’t forget to take a walk on the famous Royal Mile to get a first-hand and up close and personal glimpse of the many jugglers, comics, musicians, and acrobats.

During the Christmas season, there is another popular attraction, which is the German market right beside Princes Street. At the German market, you can have your fill of great food and go shopping for various handicrafts and souvenirs. Also, during the Christmas season, don’t forget to check out George Street, which features more than 60,000 Christmas lights that flash along with some music.

Visit Arthur’s Seat

Anyone who has visited Edinburgh before will tell you that your visit isn’t complete without going to Arthur’s Seat. Arthur’s Seat is known for being the highest point or pinnacle of Holyrood Park, and once you are at the top, which is around 250 metres, you can get some absolutely fantastic views of the city. There are different ways to climb up to Arthur’s Seat, although it’s recommended that you do it with hiking boots or trainers.

Get some fresh air at the Royal Botanic Garden

Botanical gardens abound in almost every city, but Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden is a sight to see. It has more than 70 acres full of lush, landscaped gardens and grounds, and the gardens are divided into categories. There’s the Scottish Heath Garden, which has been designed like the Highlands of Scotland, and there’s also the Rock Garden, with its more than 5,000 plants found only in the alpine areas.

Of course, there’s more to see in Edinburgh – the Scottish National Gallery, St. Giles Cathedral, and the ever-popular Edinburgh Castle. Have a great holiday!

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