Exciting and Innovative Ways to Raise Money for Your Charity

Having enough money to successfully help those to whom you are committed is a vital part of your charity; keeping it going requires innovative ideas for raising money, careful handling of your funds, and maintaining a positive profile of your charity so that the community as a whole will be willing to help you and those whom you serve. Ideas for fundraising for your charity come in a variety of shapes and sizes but when you think outside the box, you can add value to your campaign and money to your coffers. Let’s take a look at some exciting and innovative ways to raise more money for your charity. Once you determine your needs, you and your staff should brainstorm some interesting ways to add money to your charity account. Passion is the key to success and when you and your staff are committed to helping others you’ll be surprised at the ideas you develop before your next campaign begins.


  1. One idea that will touch the heartstrings of pet owners is to sponsor a charity dog show that’s organised, held at a good location, and that includes a variety of dogs, ages, and breeds. You’ll have to do a great deal of planning but this can bring in a lot of money for your organisation; remember that everyone loves pets and most people have one that they could enter or at least sponsor in your competition.

  2. It’s always fun to get children involved; their energy levels soar and their enthusiasm rises to meet any charity challenge. You might consider holding a Toddler Triathlon that features a set of three activities in which all toddlers could participate easily. You can design the legs of your triathlon but you might include Trike which includes riding their tricycle for a short distance, Tramp which involves toddling as best they can on a short track to test their walking skills, and then finally, Treasure Hunting which all children love. Your team could bury some hidden treasure that could be anything from bean bags to coloured stones; once the toddler finds the treasure they should be off to the finish line and their award of athletic toddler excellence. This type of event is sure to be a crowd pleaser and to capture the entire event to use for future marketing purposes, you should visit www.rawproductions.tv so that a quality record of this fabulous event can be organised.

  3. It’s been said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so you might consider doing a furniture swap to help raise funds for your charity. You’ll have to have a facility large enough to store your donations but this can be an excellent way for people to remove unwanted furniture from their home so that others can buy it cheaply to furnish student apartments or other homes where used furniture would be appropriate. It’s a win-win situation for you, those buying the furniture, and those replacing it with more modern pieces.

When it comes to raising money for your charity remember to be creative, keep an open mind, and record your event to share with others at your motivational presentations throughout the year.

Image Courtesy of RAW Productions

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