For Business Travelers: Why a Serviced Flat Offers More Benefits than a Hotel

The hospitality industry is a major industry, and we have all enjoyed staying in hotels at one point or another. If you are a frequent business traveler, you’ve probably spent more time in hotels than most. But nowadays, more and more travelers are opting for a ‘serviced flat’ experience, which is indeed a big reason why serviced flats are more popular than ever. So what advantages can you gain from staying in a serviced flat, and why does it offer more benefits than a hotel?

The difference between a serviced flat and a hotel

There’s no denying the fact that staying in a hotel brings with it particular creature comforts. This would include a good room standard (especially when it comes to hotel chains), a breakfast option, in-house gyms and sports facilities, 24-hour staff and room service, and more. But the downside to all these is the fact that staying in a hotel severely limits your options. You basically don’t have a choice when you’re in a hotel – when you’re hungry, all you have is room service (unless you take the effort to step out for a bite to eat), and you have to constantly depend on the hotel staff for what you need. But with a serviced flat, you can get almost all the advantages mentioned above combined with freedom and independence – plus lower rates, besides.

Your home for a few days

With serviced flats, personalised service is key. This is one supreme advantage offered by serviced flats over hotels. You have your very own personal space, a space where you can spread out and feel truly comfortable. Serviced flats are often bigger than your average hotel room, with the inclusion of facilities for cooking. With a serviced flat, you can rely on personalised service but also have enhanced privacy and comfort. Serviced flats are also designed for longer stays, so the emphasis is really on making guests feel more comfortable and at ease.

Quality amenities

A typical serviced flat is not only larger than a standard hotel room – it is also often outfitted with en suite bathrooms, a lounging or dining area, additional chairs and sofas, and, of course, a fully-fitted kitchen. You can even benefit from other quality amenities such as a special workspace with a desk and chair. Of course, access to the Internet and a direct phone line is already a given.

Additional services

Serviced flats, whilst not usually providing room service, can give you the benefit of concierge services as well. Some serviced flats may also let you take advantage of several meeting rooms or conference rooms. Other services offered by serviced flats, such as those from, include cleaning services, reception areas, and laundry services or facilities.

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