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Tips for Avoiding the Harm of Poor Online Reputation Management

Even individuals with billions of dollars–people who seemingly do not have a care in the world–may find themselves haunted and their reputations harmed by negative events from their pasts. For instance, perhaps you are tied up in a lawsuit, or your ex-spouse has been spreading gossip online about your lover. If these things are not kept private, anyone–including the people you want to enter into a deal with–could easily “Google” you and learn these less-than-glamorous details of your life. A few tips can help you to prevent this from happening to you by taking a Superman approach to your online reputation, according to Eric Schiffer of Reputation Management Consultants.

First, it is critical that you analyze in detail where your name appears in the most popular search engine–including Bing, Yahoo!, and Google–and in the nations where you typically do business. You have to determine which influencers and allies support you, as this is the base you want to build. Otherwise, your rivals may easily publish inflammatory articles about you and end up dragging your online reputation down.

While analyzing your online presence, look at how much negative and positive information about you shows up on the World Wide Web (a concept known as sentiment, or sent), and determine how long the negative or positive views have been alive (also known as temporality, or temp). If the bad outweighs the good, boost your quality content, which includes positive interviews, online videos, blogs, Facebook posts, and Tweets. Digital assets such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts naturally rank high in search engine results because they are deemed credible.

You should also increase content marketing articles where you offer advice and counsel. The most recent Social Media Marketing Industry Report shows that 68 percent of marketers intend to use more blogs in their marketing processes, according to Eric Schiffer of Reputation Management. Your online presence essentially constitutes your modern-day business card, so being committed to ensuring that your online reputation remains strong is a must in order for you to succeed in today’s business world.

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