Gangnam Style Clothing- The Latest Trend in Fashion

The Gangnam Style is a K-pop release by the musician PSY from South Korea. The song is very popular and it has one of the highest number of viewers on YouTube. This song was released in the month of July 2012 and was number one on Gaon Chart of South Korea. This video is so popular that in the month of December it became the first online video to reach a billion hits on the internet. Right now, the video has been viewed over 1.320 billion times on a video-sharing website YouTube. In September 2012 the Gangnam style was acknowledged by Guinness World records as the most liked video on YouTube.


The song continued to gain enormous popularity and because of that clothing and fashion accessories of the Gangnam Style has become a fantasy in the world. The Gangnam Style clothing is trendy and fashionable and it also comes in varieties such as T-Shirts, Playsuits, Hoodies and Suits. These different fashionable Gangnam style clothing is available for all the age categories including Men, Women and Kids.

Following is the classification of Gangnam Style Clothing:

Tuxedo : The Gangnam style clothing includes lots of ideas on what one could put on and where one could find these specific types of clothing. It includes the very popular PSY Gangnam style Tuxedo jacket costume which is available in green or blue colors. The jacket in the outfit has a satin look and it looks like sequin trimming . The jacket looks cool and under the jacket there is a stylish black shirt with a white untied bow which really makes the look stand out. The black tuxedo with white or black shoes looks classic.


T- Shirts: The Gangnam Style T-shirts are very popular especially among the youngsters. The cool and funky Gangnam style T-Shirts are unique , stylish and specially designed for the young generation. These T-Shirts are just full of awesomeness and class. Some of these Gangnam style T-Shirts are in Korean and some are in English. The Gangnam Style T-Shirts are not just for Boys but there are T-Shirts for girls such as Darkside Style which looks amazing . For a complete Gangnam Style look , one should assort the chosen outfit with some funky sunglasses . The Gangnam Style Kids T-Shirts are also popular and looks extremely cute on kids.

Accessories: The Gangnam style accessories like Sun Glasses, especially the black sunglass of PSY in the Gangnam video are the current choice of many people. Gangnam style shoes have also become a favorite choice of all the fans. Gangnam style has created an awesome fever that more than thousands of Gangnam style accessories are available in the market.

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