Great Men’s Haircuts For 2013

One thing men seldom realize is that there hair is as important as a woman’s do. Even if men tend to be less open to new styles or hairdos, many could still greatly benefit from an update or even more radical a change.

It’s too easy to get stuck into a comfortable malaise with your appearance and sometimes a new trendy haircut can help snap your out of it. Of course, not all modern hairstyles suit each and every person, but that said, many people can benefit from a change. Change can bring confidence and also a complete update of your look. So, let’s take a look at the styles in fashion for 2013.

Clipper Sides and Textured Top

This is quite a popular style for 2013 and will be ideal for men that want a change from a plain short back and sides. You want the sides to be a grade 4 and the top to be about 3 inches at the fringe. This means it is a lot easier to take care of. A style of this type works well pushed forward and also off the face.

Side Parting

The side parting never fades away and is timeless. It takes a little time to get right and it is best ask your barber for the length as he will be able to judge according to your face shape. Usually pomade works well with this sort of look as it creates that sheen.

Square Layer

If you are prone towards having long hair but don’t want the hassle, then this is an easily manageable style. It requires very little styling and can look either smart or messy depending on what you require. Just make sure a lot of the weight is removed from the sides to prevent it becoming bulky.


Of course, if you want to go the full hog, then long hair is also quite popular at the moment, though we’re not talking about Kurt Cobain style dirty long hair, more cared for sorts. Shoulder length that’s well cared for works best, so you’ll need to use conditioner and blow drying to keep things at their best. You want your hair to look clean and healthy and also have some definition, essential if you wear a blazer, shirt or suit to work.

Disconnected Length

The shorter this style is the more severe it looks and this means that if you work in a more conservative workplace it may not be ideal. Blending the disconnection makes it less severe and you have to remember that the styling is all about the top of the hair. It works well with the natural direction of hair and is easily maintained with regular cutting.

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