Help save our world: support these charities today

Around the globe, there are plenty of charities that could use our support. It makes no difference if you are working class or wealthy – we can all help heal our world.

Larry Polhill believes in this tenet wholeheartedly – instead of hoarding the wealth he makes, he commits a significant chunk to help the less fortunate.

Organizations in South Florida, across America, and across the planet have benefited from his sizable donations, and there are plenty more folks like him who bankroll initiatives which aid those who can’t help themselves.

Want to give the less fortunate a hand up? We have listed a few of our favorites below – read up on them and see if any resonate with you.

1) Natural Resources Defense Council

At this moment, the world is at a tipping point. Temperatures have increased by almost three degrees Celsius since the Industrial Revolution kicked into high gear. This has driven weather changes which have wreaked havoc around the globe.

Experts say we have to curb our carbon emissions quickly to avoid the dangerous amounts of warming that will occur if nothing is done.

If the permafrost melts, methane levels in the atmosphere will explode, heating our world to the point where most species won’t be able to survive.

The Natural Resources Defense Council is at the fore in this fight, taking action to twist the arms of house representatives and senators in Congress and at the state level, as well as sounding the alarm to the public in general.

This way, we’ll be able to start down the path we all need to take to defeat climate change.


Watching poor children suffer during those TV commercials is tough to endure. Why not get off the sidelines by helping an organization that helps the most vulnerable people on Earth?

UNICEF helps children and their mothers by granting them access to lifesaving health care and an education. Through these measures, many have been given a real shot at finding fulfillment in their lives.

If you are looking for a noble organization that does amazing deeds overseas, supporting UNICEF is one of the best ways to put your charitable dollars to good use.

3) American Civil Liberties Union

Civil rights have never been more imperiled than they are right now, as the Trump administration (and previous ones as well) have treated the Constitution with a level of contempt that would make our Founding Fathers shudder with disgust.

If you find this worrying, the American Civil Liberties Union should be near the top of your list when it comes to charities to support.

They provide legal aid in cases where free expression, free speech and any other rights guaranteed by our Constitution are under assault.

With over 97 years of experience, they have had plenty of experience beating back attempts to curtail the enshrined rights of Americans.

Concerned by what is going on lately? Supporting the ACLU is a great way to help defend the cornerstone of our democracy.

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