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Two-wheeled vehicles are the best in current time, if we see the numbers of vehicles on the road we can determine the huge population of our country. Everybody is in the race of purchasing big 4 wheelers vehicles and at last what they all face is a vast traffic jam at the roads. In India, we find that at every main place of the road there is huge traffic jam because all the vendors and hawkers place their stalls on the roads which reduce the space and leads to the traffic jam.

The main reason for suggesting 2 wheelers is that it can help in the easy movement even in the congested place if we compare it from the 4 wheelers. In current time the biggest seller of 2 wheeler in the market is Honda Activa. On the roads we see that number of vehicles are running are Activa and constantly they are making changes in the vehicle the latest model of Honda Activa is Activa 5G.


Activa 5G is very much affordable and is cheap as compared to other stylish vehicles, the price starts from RS.54,027 and as per the features the price increases slightly. It gives the mileage of 60Kmpl which is the best in 2 wheeled vehicles, its engine display is 109.19 cc with the power of 8.11ps at 7500 rpm, it has normal starting point just like other 2 wheeler vehicles first is self-start and another one is kick. It has the feature of tubeless tyres, so the chances of getting the puncture are reduced to the minimum, it comes with alloy wheels and its overall weight is 109 Kg. the only drawback of this vehicle is that it does not have the digital fuel indicator which is an important aspect of any vehicle.

There are two variants in the category of Activa 5G that are –

  • STD: – it is of Rs. 54,027, it gives the mileage of 60 Kmpl and the engine display of 109.19 ccs with the power of 8.11PS at 7500 rpm, and its weight is 109 Kg.

  • DLX: – It is of Rs.55,892, mileage of 60 Kmpl and engine display of 109.19 cc and having the power of 8.11 PS at 7500 rpm, with the weight of 109 Kg.

Offers at auto portal: –

Honda has recently launched Activa 5G in the Indian market, this was first presented in auto expo Delhi of 2018 and there it had received a lot of attention from the viewers. The new features in it were LED headlamp in the scooter, as well as a bit of mirror styling techniques, were used with a few new options of the colors for the scooter. Deluxe variant has some extra smart features as compared to a normal Active 5G scooter. Deluxe has chrome trims on the body of the scooter, with an all-new look at the front and the muffler has also come with extra protection.

Honda is the biggest seller in current time and it is making variations so that the customer can reap the benefit can be satisfied by their services.

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