How to Make Sure You Are Safe on the Road

The statistics on fatal car accidents are frightening, and they simply don’t seem to be improving. Similarly, there is a frightening amount of non-fatal injuries, that do often lead to at least some degree of injury. Car insurance covers most of that, but wouldn’t it be better if the roads were safer? So what are some of the things that you can do to make the world a little safer?


Slow Down

Too many people get behind the wheel and think they are invincible. This is why they also break the speed limit. However, speed kills. Not only does it make the chance of you causing an accident larger, it is more likely that you, or anyone else involved, will die as a result of it. Your reflexes are not as good as what you may think you are, so slow down.


How often have you swore at a driver that turned without indicating? It is not clear why people do this, but it is a common problem and a dangerous one. You must use it when you turn corners or change lanes, even if you believe that nobody is behind you. Using your indicators means that you give others the opportunity to prepare for your next maneuver.

Keep Two Hands on the Wheel

People who have been driving for a long time often find themselves on ‘auto pilot’. They often only use one hand to drive, which is something many people also do when they are stuck in traffic. This is very dangerous, however, because it means your ability to turn the wheel in an emergency is reduced. You are also more likely to lose control if you have to suddenly brake or if you aquaplane.

Be Nice

Kindness doesn’t cost anything and makes the world a little brighter and happier. If you are courteous to other drivers, they will be more relaxed and less likely to experience road rage. Just be kind to others whenever you can, whether you are driving or not. In so doing, the world will become safer and happier overall.

Don’t Drink and Drive

While this shouldn’t even be mentioned, the fact that so many people continue to be charged with drink driving offences proves that it clearly does. Do not, ever, drink and drive. Don’t fall for the “one glass won’t hurt” line, or believe that you are somehow special and still perfectly sober even if you have had too much to drink. You are putting yourself at risk, as well as other people. Accidents caused by drink drivers are also more likely to be fatal, and this means that you not only destroy somebody else’s life, but also their family’s and your own. Avoiding all this is simple: do not drink and drive. Ever.

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