Is One Stage Breast Reconstruction in LA Right for You?

Breast cancer is a horrible disease that far too many women continue to suffer from. In many cases, this leads to them having to have a mastectomy. Following a mastectomy, women will have to decide whether or not they want to have breast reconstruction and, whether they want it at all. In the past women were always told to not have breast reconstruction surgery until there radiation treatment has completed. This is because there were concerns about skin texture changing as a result of the treatment. Today however, one stage breast reconstruction in LA is a possibility. But is it the right possibility for you?

Should You Consider One Stage Breast Reconstruction in LA?

More and more Physicians have stated that they prefer breast reconstruction surgery to be completed sooner rather than later. The result is that many women are now confused about what is best for them period unfortunately this situation has not yet been solved. However, there are some considerations that you could make.

The reality is that having surgery earlier comes with a lot of benefits. The most obvious benefit is that women regain their femininity and sense of normalcy in a much quicker way. This ensures they have more self-confidence, which is also important as part of the healing process. The reality is that breast cancer is not just physically distressing, it is also emotionally distressing. Women need all the strength they can get.

A second benefit is physical in nature. Breast reconstruction tends to require multiple surgeries. But often for one stage breast reconstruction however, fewer procedures will be needed overall, thereby reducing the chance of complications as well. Research has also shown that the body can recover from one procedure as quickly as it come from multiple procedures have at the same time. This means that in terms of physical health, having two surgeries at the same time is perhaps better.

there are certainly situations in which one stage breast reconstruction is not suitable. One of those is if a woman has a large cancer mass or if she is in a late stage of cancer. In that case, she will probably have to wait until after radiation. However, women with small tumors or early stage breast cancer are likely to find one stage breast reconstruction to be far more suitable to them. This is true even if they still have to have radiation treatment. Indeed, radiation treatment may change the skin to a degree, however this is not likely to be enough to ruin the effects of the breast surgery.

So should you have one stage breast reconstruction or not? That is a decision that is personal to each individual woman. It is also for this reason that you must have this conversation with your surgeon before having a mastectomy. They will be able to advise you of the different options and recommend which one is best for you. They are there as a guide and advisor.

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