Keeping Your Shower Tray Clean

You don’t necessarily think about cleaning the shower tray. You know that if you take a shower each day, shampoo and soap residue hit the tray. Therefore, it is automatically cleaned. In a way, this is true. However, you also have to understand that the chemicals designed to clean our body are not designed to clean the tray. There are certain issues that could come up and you need to find a way to deal with them.


Use vinegar or lime juice

These substances have acidic properties. They have the ability to cut through limescale. It makes it easier for you to just wipe away the dirt using soap or detergent later. The acidic property helps soften the stain so it can be easily removed. You could also use a brush to clean tough stains on the side.

Shaving foam or gel

You might be surprised that these two can be used to clean the shower tray. When the shower tray begins to rust, you can simply apply them to the shower tray at any time. You have to leave it for some time so it will take effect. You may also pour baking soda or lemon juice onto the tray and let it sit there for 2 hours. After the given time, you can rinse it off by scrubbing the rusty area. Just like magic, the rust will be gone.

Tea tree oil

This is perfect to remove mildew. It can be very tough to remove as it is really sticky. You can pour the oil into the tray and leave it there overnight. You can also use a spray designed to eliminate mould and mildew. It might take some time for it to be removed depending on how severe the problem is. Another way to avoid this is to regularly clean your shower tray. It won’t happen if you don’t allow mould and mildew to pile up.

Time to replace

You should clean the shower tray on a regular basis. You can’t rely on shampoo and soap residue to do the job. However, if the problem stays, it is best to just replace the shower tray. Besides, you might have used it for a long time. It would be great to just buy a new one. If there are cracks or broken parts, then they have to be replaced immediately for safety reasons.

Be careful

You have to be careful when using chemicals for cleaning the tray though. They might harm the tray especially if the materials used are quite abrasive. You need to understand what material was used in making the tray especially for rectangular shower trays so that you can decide which cleaning agent is appropriate.

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