Mykonos Greece, Festivals and Cultural Events

Mykonos is a famous tourist destination located in Greece. It belongs to the Cyclades island complex, part of the Aegean sea. Every year, especially during summer time, a number of cultural events and festivals take place in the Mykonos Island. Most of the events are organized by some local association, Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Mykonos. You will meet artists from different part of the world participating in various events. The major festivals are religious feasts that take place mostly once in every year. The feasts take place in the capital as well as villages to honor the residents’ saints. The festivals actually last all night and include music and traditional dances. During this time, there is abundance of wine and local delights. During preparations, locals revive old traditions and customs that are really interesting and enjoyable to see.


The best religious feasts and festivals

There are different types of religious feasts and festivals taking place in Mykonos Island in different periods of the years. On August 15th, a great religious feast in Ano Mera village, at Panagia Tourliani Church. If you want to enjoy the traditional events of the village, you should visit Ano Mera during this period. In July 26, there is a celebration of the Agia Paraskevi and on 30th June, there is feast dedicated actually to Agioi Apostoloi. You should not miss the feasts as you will enjoy seeing traditions and customs practiced by the residents of Mykonos Island.

Mykonos Summer Festival

Generally, Mykonos Island is synonymous to lively atmosphere and wild parties and has the unique privilege of organizing a set of very exciting events like theatrical performances, open-air concerts as well as various art exhibitions. You will find artists from every corner of the world taking part in the most famous and popular Mykonos Summer Festival. You will have the privilege to see different artists from different countries representing their customs. If you really want to enjoy your vacation, you should not miss this festival.

Harvest Festival

In mid-September, Mykonos Island is usually windy. You will have a chance to enjoy the exciting Harvest Festival. This festival is held annually usually at the Mykonos Agricultural Museum. This is the time you will enjoy seeing different types of livestock and the traditional animal games that are meant to mark certain events. You can also come in touch with different traditional crops grown in Greece. During this period, you can find cheap Mykonos hotel to stay. You should book the rooms much earlier before the festival period.

Gay Festival

There is also an annual Gay Festival mainly for gay. Generally, this is a very special event held in Mykonos Island where very many gay visitors arrive in Mykonos from all over the world. Some hotels in Mykonos have rooms with gay holes where gays from different countries meet. The hotel rates vary from one hotel to another and it is advisable to research before booking your accommodation.

You should always consider the type of festival and event taking place in different periods of the year to decide the appropriate time to visit Mykonos. You should look for the best hotel in Mykonos with affordable rates.

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