Nenadi Esther Usman Describes Her Vision for Nigeria in 2020

It is believed that, in 2020, Nigeria will be one of the world’s biggest economies. For Nendadi Esther Usman, however, this will only be possible if the country takes on the right leadership. She is tired of dreams never becoming reality. She believes that the people of her country have the self-determination and focus necessary to make dreams come true, and she hopes that she can lead them towards that.

Nenadi Esther Usman on Expectations for Nigeria

Goldman Sachs named Nigeria and a further ten countries as having the right demographics and economic potential to become a global competitor. However, political reform will be necessary first and that is what Nenadi Usman wants to give. With her background in education and ministerial positions, including in finance, she believes that she is able to do bring this about.

Usman believes that a strong economic management team has to be in place. This team will focus on real estate, education, health, macro-economy, infrastructure, security, and law, while at the same time fighting corruption. The decisions people can take today, by voting for her, are the decisions that will ensure Nigeria reaches its potential. It will also ensure Nigeria becomes unified, ensuring all its people have the same desires.

Of course, there are many different stakeholders in the future of Nigeria, including the MDAs (Ministries, Departments, and Agencies), the state governments, and more. It is vital that they come together to agree on priorities and on methods of achieving those. Usman wants to get to work on stating the various milestones and working towards them. But mainly, she wants the Nigerian vision 2020 to be something for the people, something that they can sign up to themselves.

Nenadi Esther Usman feels that every Nigerian has to take the right attitude towards themselves, as well as to their environment. This includes their places of worship, business, employment, education, where they live, where they spend time, and more. Nigerians need to adopt a winning attitude that is about furthering the country as a whole, rather than lining the pockets of the individual. This will take a lot of work, particularly in a country where 40% of the GDP is reliant on a singular industry (oil), yet less than 1% of the country’s workforce is employed in it. Nenadi, however, is about doing the right thing at grass root level, because she believes this is where things will start to get better.

Usman wants people to stand up for what is right, beginning with their own villages and homes. She wants people to take ownership of making Nigeria a better place. Doing so will improve not just the lives of people today, but also that of the next generation. The country is one with fantastic potential. Whether it will be able to reach that potential within the next two years remains to be seen but, with dedication and commitment from its leaders and its people, it is possible.

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