Prom 2013: Run the Show

It’s your senior year and prom is creeping close, you are searching for the dress that will make everyone say:
“Who’s THAT girl?!”
Here are tips that will have you dropping jaws everywhere you turn….


This is your night but it takes planning to acquire perfection. Here are some ideas for dressing your body in the perfect glamour gown.


  • Petite Girl: Flaunt what you’ve got. You can go long or short but don’t drown yourself in your dress. Don’t be afraid to have your dress FIT well.


  • Rectangular/Boy Shaped Girl: Get a dress that GIVES you the curves you deserve.  Look for a dress with a different color top than bottom.


  • Hourglass: So yes you have a great body shape so don’t cover it in a drape. Why not wear something that clings from the top to the waist to show off your desirable shape and amazing body? Have some fun!


  • Pear Shape: If you have a wider bottom than a top, draw the attention to your top portion. Consider a dress that flares and show off your beautiful sense of style and self.


  • Top Heavy/Apply Shape: If your top is larger than your bottom,then you might want to avoid the mega tight dress that reveals all, don’t bring attention to you midsection. Instead you should aim for an empire waist gown that accentuates your chest but flares from the middle down.


  • Plus Size: There are more options available than you think. However it depends on what YOU want to showcase. Pick a dress that hugs you lovely but allows breathing room. and also one that highlights what you love and focuses on your positives. You are beautiful.


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