Reasons to Choose a Holiday in Morocco

Many of us choose to stick to the same old holiday destinations year after year, with countries like Spain, Turkey and Greece the automatic choice for a lot of people looking for a quick and easy summer getaway. Yet, why do we do this when there are so many other countries in the world to be explored?

Morocco is one of those countries that most people don’t really know too much about. Yet, the fact that it lies only 8 miles off the Spanish Gibraltar coast means that it really isn’t as far away as you might think. So why should you considering choosing to go on holiday in Morocco?

Short flight time

Although it is part of the African continent, Morocco is only a relatively short flight away from the UK. At only 3 ½ hours, it takes less time to get there than it does to get to Turkey or the Canary Islands. There are various airlines with routes to Morocco flying from regions across the UK. This means a completely new country is there to explore with all of the exciting experiences you would expect within easy reach. You can even drive or get the train there if you wish, with a ferry departing from Gibraltar for the short trip across to the port town of Tangier.

A nice climate

Due to its location next to the Atlantic, Morocco enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year. Whilst it is much further south than the UK and therefore obviously warmer, it’s position next to the sea, along with its mountainous terrain means that the conditions are cooler and far more bearable than you would get if you moved further east or south into Africa. Rainfall is also fairly rare, which means you are almost guaranteed sunshine when you visit!

Amazing food

Morocco is renowned all over the world for its incredible choice of cuisine. Itself inspired by various traditions including Arabian, African, French and Jewish, you will find some great tasting, authentic dishes including tagines, couscous and salads. Moroccan people are keen to use spices in their food to give interesting flavours and these are often grown locally. The climate also lends itself to fresh fruit and vegetable growing, while fish is also very popular here.

A unique culture

With Berber, Jewish and Arabic influences in Morocco, the country’s culture is completely unique and you really won’t be able to find anywhere that gives you the same experience anywhere else in the world. One of the most distinctive cultural features here are the markets and food stalls you find which are open well into the night. You’ll be able to find various local and traditional goods and eat out on the streets with crowds in what is always an exciting atmosphere.

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