The Importance of Packaging Design

Packaging is one of the last stages a product undergoes before reaching consumers. This is a critical stage as packaging is what a consumer looks at when picking a product from the shelves. As a manufacturer, how will you ensure that a consumer picks your product instead of other similar products? Unless you are a professional packaging designer, you may end up losing your customer base to your competitors. Here are some of the major benefits of good packaging design.

It differentiates your product from others

There are hundreds of different brands trying to attract your customer’s attention. Research shows that over 30% of consumers base their decision making on product packaging. How will you ensure that your brand stands out from the rest? This can only be done by hiring a professional packaging designer. The designer will consider consumer taste and preference and other competitors’ packaging. Be top of the market by packaging your product in eye-catching, well designed packaging material.

Brand recognition

Packaging identifies your brand. Have a packaging design that will make your customers recognise your brand wherever they are. Think of Coke, for instance. Over the years, its packaging has undergone little changes. This is mainly because everyone can recognise it based on the packaging. When selecting the best packaging solution, think of a packaging design that will be associated with your brand for a long period of time.

Packaging is a marketing tool

How you package and brand your product may make or break your business. Consumers rely on packaging to get information about a product. Besides eye-catching colours and design, packaging should give a message about your product. What is in the pack? What does your product contain, and do? How is your product different from the rest? Your packaging should display a convincing message to your targeted customers. You can consult for unique packaging solutions.

Packaging sways purchasing habits

There comes a time when a manufacturing company decides on rebranding and changing their packing design. This is usually common when there is a new competitive product in the market. It is also common when sales have gone down. How you package a product may sway a consumer’s decision-making.

Build confidence in your product

Shoppers rely on packaging to determine a safe product to use. Does the packaging guarantee safety and cleanliness? Perfect packaging should be water-proof. Can consumers trust your packaging? These are some of the questions that can only be answered by a perfect packaging solution from a professional packaging designer.

Product packaging can be a game changer. It determines how your product will compete with other similar products in the market. Besides manufacturing the best products, make sure that you can convey a perfect brand through your packaging.


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