The Top Three Reasons Why It’s Better to Stay in a Serviced Apartment than a Hotel

Serviced apartments have certainly become the accommodation of choice for many seasoned travellers, and this isn’t a surprise considering their benefits. In a serviced apartment, you can still get the amenities and facilities you expect from a regular hotel – but without worrying about the hefty price or the restrictions. So why are serviced apartments such a popular option nowadays? Let’s have a look at the top three reasons why it’s better to stay in a serviced apartment than a hotel.

  • The expense saved

When it comes to savings, you can definitely benefit more from a serviced apartment. Hotels are known for charging top prices, especially for popular tourist spots such as London, Paris, and New York. If one of your goals is to save a bit of money, then staying in a serviced apartment will be much better for you – especially if you are staying in a place for more than just a few days. But it’s not only the price of the apartment itself which allows you to save – it’s the fact that you can cook your own meals (compared to hotels, where you basically have no other choice but to dine in the hotel’s establishments), which adds to more money saved.

  • More freedom and options

If you don’t want to be restricted, a serviced apartment is better as well. If you are travelling with children, for example, it would be better to stay in a serviced apartment where you can have more living space and your children are less likely to ‘get in each other’s hair’. Since space in a serviced apartment is often bigger, everyone can have their own area to relax. A typical serviced apartment will give you a living area as well as a dining area, and you can even choose to have interconnecting rooms with a common living area. This is especially useful for those travelling with a big group or taking a holiday with the entire family.

Another thing which has already been mentioned: with serviced apartments, you have the freedom to fix your own breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you feel like it. You don’t have to relegate yourself to the boring meals that come with a hotel stay, and if you’re in an area which you are visiting for the first time, you can buy some local food and ingredients and prepare it yourself. Serviced apartments come with full kitchens, complete with microwave ovens, refrigerators, and so on, as confirmed by specialists in serviced apartments like Native Places. This also allows you to buy your preferred snacks and drinks without worrying about exorbitant mini bar costs.

  • Great amenities

If you think that staying in a serviced apartment is a far cry from staying in a hotel when it comes to comfort and luxury, think again. Serviced apartments can be quite luxurious, and they often come with comfortable bedding and linen, towels, and toiletries as well as free Wi-Fi and a television. Support for guests is available 24 hours a day, and you even have a housekeeping or maid service once a week.

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