Time is a Factor if You Opt for Bespoke Suits

The first thing that you need to know about bespoke suits is that they take weeks or even months to finish. It depends on the fabric you have chosen and its availability. The tailor might also have other clients aside from you. This could affect how fast or slow the bespoke suit will be made.

The location of the tailor will also affect the time for the suit to be finished. Bespoke suits are unique in the sense that patterns are made from scratch. Measurements must also be very specific, so the final suit will fit you like a glove. As a result, you need to go to the tailor several times. There will be adjustments done over and over again until you and the tailor are satisfied with the final results.

There are shops offering rush services. However, given the amount that you will pay for the suit, you don’t want to spend additionally. Besides, the idea of a bespoke suit is that it is carefully done from scratch. If you have it rushed, it might not have the same quality as a bespoke suit that took time to finish.

Not for occasions happening soon

It is important to note that bespoke suits are only perfect if you have enough time to wait. If you are planning to wear one for your wedding or a special occasion, you need to plan with the tailor in advance. Even if it takes a few weeks to finish, you have to consider that the tailor might also be busy with other clients. It helps if you can start planning early.

If the event is already close, you should look for other options like made to measure suits as they are made faster. You may also consider suits from department stores that are cheaper. Quality is not guaranteed, but they are the best you can have given the limited time.

Have a concept in mind

For made to measure suits, the patterns already exist. They will just be adjusted based on your preference. Suits that are sold in stores can be bought right away. The suits available on display are the only ones you can choose from. For bespoke suits, the patterns are made from scratch. You need to know exactly what you want in a suit. If you have a specific type of fabric in mind, you should also discuss this with the tailor. There are certain fabrics that might look good but won’t make you feel comfortable wearing them.

You don’t have to spend money on bespoke suits all the time, given the cost and the time it takes to do one. However, you at least need to try it to know how it feels to have a totally unique suit in your closet.

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