Top 5 NBA Team Uniforms of ALL Time

The Association has – unlike many American sports – been known to change up their uniforms quite a bit. There’s a good and bad to this. On one hand, it’s nice to see teams change it up a bit. It drums up fan interest, which is most definitely a good thing. On the other, it opens the door for some really terrible uniforms. Trust us – there are a lot of bad uniforms in the history of the NBA.

We’re not going to focus on that. Here, we’re going to talk about the top 5 uniforms to ever hit the hardwood. It was a difficult list to make, especially when you consider how long teams have been changing their logos, names, cities, and gear. In any event; we hope to strike a balance between old and new, highlighting some of the best offerings of yesteryear and today.

Here’s our top five:

5. San Francisco Warriors Away (c. 1970)

This jersey is nothing short of iconic. It also represents the city as well as you could imagine. It’s got a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge on the front and a trolley on the back. When you think of San Francisco, you generally think of these two things. It’s almost impossible to make a list of amazing jerseys without mentioning this one.


4. Toronto Raptors Home (1995-1999)

This may be a controversial one, as many jersey aficionados generally stay away from the flashy screen-printed jersey era of the NBA. However – if you had to pick one – the Toronto Raptors jersey would probably be it. The logo was fantastic. The colours were, too. Clearly, this was one of the best representatives of the area.


3. Celtics Away (1946-Current)

Say what you want about the Celtics, they easily have one of the most recognisable jerseys on the planet. Celtic green simply looks good. It’s has since 1946. If anything, the consistency makes it deserving of a spot on this list.


2. Timberwolves Away (Early 2000’s)

The marketing department of the Timberwolves have been hitting home runs forever. They simply know how to make an aesthetically pleasing product. The font for the jersey is probably one of the best in the whole league. The same could be said about the green trim. It’s not overpowering, but it most definitely gives the jersey a lot of pop. It’s nearly perfect.


1. Chicago Bulls Away (1995-1997)

This pinstriped jersey is not only the best one of it’s kind – we think that it’s the best ever. Some people may feel indifferent about pinstripes. There’s even the chance that they may hate it. A lot of our enjoyment from this jersey comes from how short lived it was. Oh, it didn’t hurt that Mr. Jordan donned this jersey after the first comeback. It was also the 72-10 team. If you can look good and absolutely dominate your opponents on the court night after night, you’re deserving of the number one spot on this list.


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