Top 6 Beginners’ Gym Tips

When it comes to getting fit and keeping the weight off, Ireland has a long way to go to reach peak perfection. Adults in Dublin and the country as a whole are increasingly labelled overweight or obese. And this obesity crisis is costing the country dear – the annual price of obesity is calculated at €1.13 billion. Do what you can to help Ireland get in shape. It’s never too late, or too early, to get into a fitness regime. And the gym is a great place to start. Working out in the gym means not having to deal with the rain or the wind, and it’s a great place to get good training advice and meet new people. Joining a gym for the first time can be scary, but follow these tips and have a better, stress-free experience.

1. Don’t Skip the Induction

All the gyms Dublin has will offer an induction session or sessions to familiarise you with the equipment and how to use it properly. Don’t skip this, and pay attention – ask questions if you need to, and find out which machines or exercises will be best for you as a beginner with your specific fitness goals.

2. Get a Personal Trainer

If you can’t afford to have a personal trainer full-time, invest in their expertise at least once every month. You will receive a plan of what you need to do in that month, and you can practice your technique while they watch and correct you. If you need extra help with your gym routine in the meantime, consult one of the members of staff.

3. Take it Easier with Weight Machines

Strength training is an important part of the gym experience and it helps you sculpt muscle and burn more fat. But don’t worry if you are not confident with the free weights – weight machines are easy to use and you don’t have to panic about correct form. Make sure you get the gym staff, for example at, to explain how to use the machines.

4. Don’t Be Intimidated

Everyone in the gym has their own hang-ups or issues – even if they all look confident you can bet they feel unsure of themselves sometimes, too. They are too busy focusing on their own workouts to be bothered by what you are doing. Never feel intimidated or that you shouldn’t be there – you have every right to work out, no matter your size, shape, age, or any other aspect of yourself that you (wrongly) feel holds you back.

5. Follow Your Own Path

Set up your training plan with a trainer, then follow it – don’t be swayed by others around you that seem to be doing things differently, running faster, or doing exercises a different way. Everyone has their own style and their own targets. Follow your own so you don’t get blown off course.

6. Take Classes

Fitness classes in the gym are a great way to get in shape and have fun – plus, you get a varied and enjoyable workout that stops you feeling bored in the gym.


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