Turn the junk in your concrete garage into cash

Decluttering your concrete garage and selling your storage items for cash has always been a wide spread trend, but it seems to have become popular again over the last few years. In the past when people were looking for some extra money, they would pile up the car with knick-knacks and head down to the local car boot sale. The only difference now is instead of standing in the cold and finding change for haggling strangers, you can now do it all from the comfort of your sofa via the internet.

As a general rule, it is better to sell technology sooner rather than later and that’s because technology has a tendency to become obsolete very quickly. According to a new website called ‘Cash in Your Gadgets’ a quarter of people have an unused laptop taking up space somewhere in our homes, including the concrete garage. In addition to this, 22% of people have at least two broken or old mobile phones doing the same thing!


Thanks to the introduction of websites such as eBay, individuals can now get rid of clothes that they don’t want anymore and are clogging up wardrobe space in their homes or garages. Old winter coats that don’t fit anymore, bags you haven’t used in ages, shoes you’ve only warn once; sites like eBay are the ideal place to dispose your old clothes and receive some money in return. And as technology continues to grow, new mobile apps have made clearing out your concrete garage even easier, allowing you to take photos and list all items in the click of a button.


Despite the growth of eBooks, rummaging through your concrete garage you may be surprised to find how many old books you find and how in demand they might be. It’s well known the easiest way to sell books is again online through shops such as Amazon, as it allows you to list your products by simply typing in the ISBN number on the back of the book. Although it should be noted, re-selling old books probably won’t be that profitable as second-hand book venders usually supply them in bulk, many enticing customers with items for 1p.

Whilst the profit margins may be very small when selling second-hand books, it is always worthwhile when clearing space in the concrete garage rather than throwing them away. Over the year’s cookery books, reasonably up to date text books for students and autobiographies have been most profitable.


If your concrete garage is used as a storage area, selling items such as old furniture can be beneficial to getting more floor space. However, we know how problematic selling furniture can be. The cost of transporting large items can drastically reduce the sale amount. To overcome high transport costs try and sell the furniture locally, have a look on local web forums or Facebook pages to find buyers close to you.

Music and DVDs

The introduction of new websites such as Music Magpie means that you can declutter storage in your garage by selling old music in the form of CDs, DVDs and vinyl’s. Enter the bar code of the items you wish to sell and the site then gives you a fixed price for each item, however, the site doesn’t take everything. Then simply drop it off at a local shop who will send it in for free.

By following the above steps you could declutter your concrete garage to give yourself more space for other items of your home. There is so many options to sell unwanted items online, with car boot sales still being popular to this day, but particularly more so in the summer. Other outlets to get rid of unwanted storage is charity shops and even vintage shops for old clothes which have seen a real increase over the past few years. Whatever the method, start 2016 as you mean to go on by organising your concrete garage and making use of your additional living space.

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