Useful tips to help you prepare for a dental implant surgery

Are you facing oral health problem regularly? Are you in search of a good periodontist? If yes, Lamas Dental in Miami can be a good option. Before that, it is important to know about a procedure that is highly recommended by dentist today. It is dental implants. This is the method of teeth replacement. The best part of having dental implant surgery is that your teeth will look and function like natural teeth. Moreover, if proper care is done these can last for a lifetime.

Although people consider dental implants as an ideal solution of teeth replacement, dentist not recommend this procedure to everyone. Whether you are eligible for a dental implant or not it completely depends on your oral health at the time you visit your dentist.

Dental implant procedure

A small titanium screw is required at the time of dental implant which act as a replacement for the root part of missing teeth. These titanium screws are then positioned in the bone of a patient’s upper or lower jaw. This is done through surgery by an experienced dentist.

Stage 1

In the ¬†first stage of surgery, the periodontist at Lamas Dental will place a dental implant. This placement is done into a patient’s jawbone. After that gum tissues are stitched back. With time the tissue heal and the artificial dental implant get attached to the bone and gum. The tissue can take several months to heal.

Stage 2

The 2nd stage comes when the tissues are completely healed. In this stage, your periodontist will affix an abutment to your dental implant. The abutment then joins the tooth that needs to be replaced and is implant together. if your periodontist finds everything ok, both the stages of dental implant surgery can be conducted in a single appointment.

During both stages, the dentist gives anesthesia and sedation to the patient. This reduces the discomfort during the surgery.

In order to confirm that you are completely comfortable at the time of dental implant surgery, some pre and post surgery tips are given below:

  • Most of the periodontist will ask you to take off from your work after you are done with your dental implant surgery. Generally, you will be asked to take two to three days off from your work.
  • Before the procedure, you are advised to take non-alcoholic fluids. Also, you are suggested not to skip your meal.
  • Never forget to take your medicines. All medicines should be taken at the prescribed time.
  • If you have a beard and mustache, don’t forget to wash and get it shave before the surgery because it can have a risk of infection.
  • Do not apply any makeup before the surgery. In order to reduce the risk of infection, remove piercing(in the mouth) before the procedure.
  • Before the procedure of implant, its placement begins, drink the prescribed antibiotic. If you have any kind of allergy discuss it with your doctor before the surgery begins.
  • You are not advised to who operate the vehicle after the procedure so arrange the transportation for yourself.


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