What Career Path to Choose if You Are a Creative Thinker

Choosing a career can be a difficult time for many, regardless of whether you are planning your future from a student level or looking to change the career in which you previously chose, the options in front of you are plentiful and difficult to decide between. The best piece of advice when it comes to this subject is to ensure that you choose a career which plays to your strengths, a career which fits you and your characteristics and capabilities.

One of the trickiest characteristics to fit with a career is those among us with a creative mind, those with this way of thinking have a more narrow range of options in front of us and as such, often ignore their innovative way of thinking and opt for a career in other areas. Whilst this is understandable, it is far better to embark on a career that allows your creative juices to flow and here are some top careers choices where you can do exactly that.


The ultimate creators, engineers are the World’s designers, everything man-made that you see and use on a daily basis was conceived by engineers and it can prove to be a great career choice for creative minds. There are many branches which you can specialize in from chemical, computer, civil and aerospace engineering and the job is rewarding both professionally and personally. There are lots of routes to real success in the industry as well, engineers like Reddy Kancharla have reached the position of company management through not only being a great engineer but an ambitious one too and you can follow footsteps like his in the industry.


If you have a passion for writing then there is no better time to get started in the industry as the birth of the internet has made it far easier for people to take on a career in writing. Journalism still remains a tricky industry to get into and you will need to major in this at college, despite this difficulty, there is more options for online freelance writers than there ever has been. The pay might be erratic but it will allow you to do what you love from the comfort of your armchair.


If you have a passion for design then don’t hide it away in favor of a more ‘normal’ career choice, whether you are a fashion, graphic, furniture, film set or jewelry designer you should aim to make that your number 1 career option. The internet allows you to open your own shop with ease and this can be a path to success or a path into a full-time ob within the design industry. Remember to stay original, find your own style and work as hard as you can to get your name out there. The internet has opened up a huge community for you to sell to and there are now far more options to pursue your design dream than there ever has been.

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