What is in the Texas Travel Guide?

Texas is bigger than Belgium, Germany, Ireland, England, Netherlands and Northern Ireland combined. This state is sprawling with the landscape that includes deserts, mountains, coastlines and serene green landscapes. Moreover, Texas has large cities with lots of entertainment, fun, and great food. The Texas state parks are also filled with some of the world most amazing plants and animals. Get your car ready to explore this great state in 2018. While it takes Texas online defensive driving to bring down the cost of your insurance premiums and lower the chances of getting a ticket as your crisscross the state.

Six of the best Texas travel destinations

Here are the six best travel destinations this year.

1. Padre Islands National Seashore

In a classic mix of dry desert and the coastline, you will find magnificent sand dunes waving you with lots of coastal vegetation. This coastline runs over 180km along the Gulf of Mexico. It is a choice destination for saltwater fishing, sand games, and swimming. There are also lots of great food and entertainment hotspots along the coast.

2. Guadalupe Mountains National Park

These mountains are said to have been formed 250 million years ago. The ridge is an extremely rare fossil reef, honey-colored, and surrounded by the natural beauty of amazing shrubs and trees. Flowers of different colors sprout all around the mountain, especially during the Spring. This destination is great for hiking and camping. Come with your binoculars to watch some of the most beautiful birds that live in this state.

3. San Antonio River Walk

Just a few meters from the smooth-flowing San Antonio River, the San Antonio River Walk gives you the soothing experience you would not expect in a busy city like this. You will also enjoy blossoming flowers all along the banks of the rivers. Meters away, there are tons of eateries, outdoor eating restaurants, great music, outdoor activities, and live shows to keep you happy all day.

4. Houston Space Center

Space travel has always been an exciting topic. Be sure to experience what it is like to travel out of the world at the Space Center Houston. The education complex goes deep into the details of the space flight program with loads of information, virtual tours, behind the scenes in the NASA space center and over 400 lunar rocks. You will end up feeling as if you have made your way to Mars.

5. The Alamo

Alamo brings you the rich history of Texas as it was the site where the battle of Texas Revolution took place in 1836. You will find lots of interactive exhibits at this place to help you learn where Texas came from. In the meantime, you will enjoy great architecture that went into building the mission.

6. Dallas Museum of Arts

This Museum is your one-stop hotspot for amazing creations from around the world. You will enjoy everything from painting, embroidery, picture taking, and sculpting among others. Get ready for some mind-blowing experience of art. Come with the camera to capture some of the amazing works of art.

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