What to Look for in Salesforce Event Monitoring Software

If you are in a business that conducts sales, you will probably have noticed how often salesforce events are taking place. In fact, you probably organize some yourself! It is vital that these events are properly organized and managed, which is made possible thanks to salesforce event monitoring software. But what should you look for in this type of software?

The Elements of Good Salesforce Event Monitoring Software

We live in a technological world and one in which everything is done online and digitally. Once upon a time, every element of an event would require a different piece of technology. Today, however, this has all been brought together under one banner and one piece of software. This means many of the tasks can be fully automated, and that ability is precisely what you should look for when comparing a software suite. Some of the things you can expect to see include:

  1. The ability to create registration forms. The software package should have a range of templates as standard that allow you to create a registration form that can be used online. You must be able to customize it with your own information, such as your logo, details about the event, and the prices, however. It can then be published online, allowing people to register at their convenience.
  2. The ability to receive payments for attendance. When people register for the event, they should be able to pay for it straight away. A lot of events allow payments to be spread out as well, which should also be made possible. This also means that the system must be completely secure, so that people’s payment details are fully protected.
  3. The ability to send bulk emails. People who have registered for an event should automatically be added to a mailing list, but also those who have expressed an interest and, if relevant, those who have attended past events. It should be very easy to send emails to all of these people before the event. At the same time, email groups should be created for people who actually attended, so that they can be sent information afterwards, such as copies of the slides and notes of the meetings. Essentially, the program needs to also be customer relationship management (CRM) solution.
  4. The ability to promote the event by sharing it through email, in newsletters, and on various social media channels. It is also sometimes possible to pay for the event to be further publicized on third party channels.
  5. The ability to create reports and surveys. Asking people how they experienced the event afterwards, and creating reports on things such as engagement, attendance, expression of interest, payments received, and so on, is all hugely important.
  6. The ability to hold webinars. This is not yet found in all salesforce event monitoring software packages, but it is becoming more commonplace. Essentially, it makes it possible for people to host the event in an online fashion. If this is not yet possible, then the system should at least enable people to register for a webinar hosted through a third party application.

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