Why Everyone is Striving to Be On The First Page of Google

Businesses the world over, digital marketing firms and individuals with ambition are all fighting arrive on the very first page of Google for certain keywords. There are many strategies which are use to accomplish this, with SEO being one of the most common, with so many people aiming to get to the top, there is a lot of competition for those places. The difficulty which is attached to getting to page one of Google, is multiplied by this competition, and many people invest a great deal of money into claiming one of the top positions.

With so many people trying to attain one of these top spots on a search engine like Google, it begs the question as to why, and what benefits businesses and individuals can gain by appearing on the coveted top page of Google.

New Customers

For businesses, the idea of appearing on the first page of Google comes down to the simple fact that in doing so, they will put themselves in a far better position to attract new customers. The reasoning behind this is simple, consumers are pretty lazy and ultimately they rarely look past the first page, to find what they want. Let’s say that someone is searching for ‘mortgage advisors in Florida,’ Google wants to deliver the most accurate results for the consumer, so that they do in fact get the best options for mortgage advisors in Florida. The businesses which feature on the first page for the results of this keyword, are those that fit the criteria, and those who have invested in appearing on the first page. The upshot of this then, is that the business who can appear on page one, will be the business most likely to take the custom.

Brand Awareness

For individuals and businesses, brand power is very important and having a strong brand can make the difference between business with loyal customers, and businesses without. Appearing on the first page of Google for various keywords, will not only ensure an increase in custom, but it can also help you to give wider exposure to your brand. The more that your name appears online, the more that it will register in the minds of the consumer, thus ensuring you a more loyal customer base.


The first page of Google for many businesses, represents a small representation of the competition within each industry and whilst many will aim to get to the top of Google so that they can attract more customers and increase their brand awareness, getting on over the competition is also a motivating factor. Having your business above a competitor on the search rankings can score important points and at the very least, businesses should be ensuring that they are on the same page as their competitors for similar keywords.

Google look to give potential consumers the best place to put their business, it is then up to businesses to prove to Google that they are the ones to take the consumer on.

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