3 Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Gloucester Moving Company

Moving home is a tough job. It is difficult to pack up all your belongings and move them across Gloucester, then unpack them in a new place, all under pressure of time. But the job is made even more stressful when you do not choose the right moving company for your needs. By trying to save time and picking a firm quickly, often based on ads you see online or in the paper, the move could end up taking a lot longer or be more expensive than you had previously planned. Take a look at this advice to avoid making these common moving mistakes.


1. Not Reviewing the Services

A removal company Gloucester offers should provide all the services you need. But what exactly do you need? If you don’t check what is supplied you could end up with a full-service packing and unpacking move with a high price tag when you don’t want it, or, on the other hand, a self-drive van when you need extra help. Check exactly what comes with the package and make sure it matches your needs. A good removals firm in Gloucester like www.andrews-removals.com will discuss your needs with you and make sure to offer a good match. Also, don’t miss out on valuable extra services that could make your Gloucester move easier. For example, do you need storage services too? Do you have fine art or other valuables to transport? Do you need cleaning services? Often putting all these services together in one package works out much cheaper than hiring individuals to do each job.

2. Not Getting Enough Quotes

When it comes to removals in Gloucester you have plenty of choice, and of course your choice will also depend on cost. Make sure you receive a number of different quotes so you can see for yourself what a move costs, and compare prices and services. Don’t settle for the first company you see, even if you think the estimate is good – you could get a better deal elsewhere.

3. Choosing Inexperienced Movers

The cheapest quote may come from a company who has just set up in business, or a firm that doesn’t actually specialise in removals in Gloucester. Remember that you should look for a service based on professionalism and quality, and not just cost. It is easy to go for the cheapest quote but your move could be a disaster. Before you decide, check what experience the company has with moving in Gloucester. Look at online reviews from past customers. Check to see if there are any complaints that have been lodged against the company. Look for references from past customers. Remember that you are trusting this company with your most valuable possessions.

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