5 Ways to Give Your Ecommerce Sales a Power Boost This Year

As many entrepreneurs are no doubt aware, Ecommerce can be tricky business. Sales can go up and down seemingly on a whim and finding a strategy that works can be incredibly time-consuming.

Let’s be honest: when you own an online store, generating sales is the most important aspect of your business. As such, in this article, we look at 5 strategies you can use to give your Ecommerce sales a power boost this year.


If you haven’t heard of the concept of upselling before, now is the time to learn. Upselling refers to the strategy of persuading your customers to buy better, pricier items related to their products of interest.

As an example, you might offer a higher priced version of an item in a customer’s cart that provides more value when your customer checks out. This can be an effective way to increase sales without necessarily having to acquire new customers.

Make your packaging more memorable

You’ve heard the saying ‘think outside the box’ before, but many Ecommerce businesses would do well to think about the box itself first. Too often, online stores underestimate the value of memorable packaging design.

Well-designed packaging is a simple but efficient way to increase your customer loyalty. With a beautiful yet logistically-appropriate package, you can net yourself repeat customers and even gain new ones via word of mouth on Instagram and other social platforms.


Speaking of Instagram, you should absolutely be using it to market your business. The potential for Ecommerce businesses to generate sales from the photo-sharing platform is near-unlimited.

For one thing, you can encourage existing customers to share photos with your products and post them to Instagram. In addition, you can run contests to encourage participation and shares to build your following and find new customers.

Prompt reviews

Reviews are one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal and best of all, they are free! Many online shoppers will hesitate to buy a product that has no reviews.

Your online store visitors should be able to easily view and leave reviews on product pages. Try encouraging them to leave a review with a pop-up prompting them to do so.

If you are worried about fake negative reviews, you can always implement a ‘verified purchase’ review system like Amazon.

Gather and analyze data

One of the most practical paths you can take to increased sales is data analysis. Sound boring? You’re probably right, but parsing data is nonetheless invaluable.

Data taken from surveys, Google Analytics and other tools can often provide valuable insights that will help you improve the customer experience. And an improved customer experience often leads to – you guessed it – more sales!


Boosting your sales in Ecommerce isn’t easy but with a little hard work and patience, it is entirely possible. Start upselling, improve your product packaging, use Instagram, encourage reviews and analyze data and you will be well on your way to maximizing your profits faster than you might think.

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