5 Ways To Protect The Value Of Your Home

Your home is an investment, so you want to protect its value. When you take steps to keep your house in great order, you will build equity faster and have an easier time of selling or refinancing it later. Here are five smart steps you can take to ensure that your home value remains high even as the property ages.

Functional Features are Still Important

The roof of your home and gutters are largely functional. It’s hard to make a roof more attractive, and gutters also aren’t something people consider updating. However, aging roofs and gutters are a serious problem. They are more likely to leak, and that can lead to structural damage. Potential buyers notice them, and your curb appeal will suffer when they are in poor condition. Keep an eye on these items and have them repaired or replaced when they start looking too worn or are no longer able to protect your home from water.

Green Lawn for Curb Appeal

The landscaping is more important than you think. A lawn with bare patches is an eyesore that buyers will avoid, and that reduces the value. Keep the lawn healthy, green and trimmed nicely. Trees add more value than you think, and a few flowerbeds are also a nice touch. Spruce up the area around the foundation and add some kind of focal point to the yard to boost curb appeal. If you’re interested how this looks on real examples, my advice is to visit Bishops Pond website and check their gallery.

Eliminate Clutter

You may be surprised by this one, but clutter does more than take up valuable space inside the home. It also hides problems like water leaks, provides a hiding space for insects or rodents, and it makes your home unappealing to potential buyers. Take the time to purge your home regularly. Eliminate items you don’t need, want or love to ensure that your home feels larger and looks more welcoming.

Energy Efficiency

Anytime you consider improvements, energy efficiency should be one of your top concerns. Extra insulation in the attic makes the home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It also sends the message that you take care of your property. Choose energy efficient appliances when it’s time to replace them, and make the switch to energy efficient light bulbs. As you make your home more green and more affordable to heat or cool, you will also increase the value.

The Finished Basement

It’s reached a point where buyers want finished basements that they can start enjoying right away. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to add value to your home, and it will make the space more functional for you. Finished flooring is important, but taking the time to finish the walls and ceiling is even more important. Your home value will increase, and you will have an easier time selling it when you are ready to move.

There are several steps you can take to protect the value of your home, and some of them are rather unexpected. While you may know that finishing the basement preserves the home’s value, it may surprise you to learn that removing clutter and replacing the gutters is also important to the property value. The fact is that maintenance is every bit as important as improvements. Start making these investment in your property today to begin reaping the benefits tomorrow.

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