A List of the Most Common Sources of EMF – Inside and Outside Your Home

Without a doubt, there has been a lot of evidence in recent years of the effect of electromagnetic fields on the body. Babies and young children are particularly susceptible to EMFs, which can lead to serious conditions such as cancer. Even adults are not immune – an adult individual who has a sensitive disposition and has been overexposed to EMFs can experience a variety of symptoms ranging from insomnia to anxiety and depression, muscle aches and pains, respiratory and digestive problems, and even infertility. Faced with this, what can you, as an individual consumer, do? What steps can you take in order to protect yourself and your family from overexposure to EMFs? First, though, you should learn more about the sources of EMF – both inside and outside your home.

The most common sources of electromagnetic fields and how you can protect yourself

  • Mobile phones and mobile phone towers

In recent years, it has been found that mobile phones can be a serious source of electromagnetic fields. Unfortunately, we need mobile phones in our daily lives, so we can’t just do away with them. The solution, though, is pretty simple and straightforward; you can make use of a cell phone radiation protection shield which has been specially-created to combat the effects of EMFs.

Mobile phone towers are another source of EMFs, and if you look outside your home’s window and have an unobstructed and clear view of a tower at least 300 metres away, you can protect yourself by looking for shield protection products as well.

  • Power lines and substations

You should also check if your home is located near power lines and substations. Electrical substations can be risky as they generate and distribute electricity. You can easily identify a substation as it is often located in a cabinet outside which is surrounded by a fence, or it is placed on an electrical pole. If you have a substation next to where you live, you can buy or rent a metre to measure EMF levels, but there is little you need to worry about as these substations’ EMFs decrease once you are five to six metres away. The same is true for power lines – once you are a certain distance away, the level of EMFs will decrease. It is still best, however, to stay as far away from these as possible.

  • Cordless telephones and WiFi

Most homes nowadays are equipped with cordless telephones. If you have one, it might be a good idea to switch to an ordinary telephone on a wired line. WiFi can also contribute greatly to EMF exposure, so if you can, try switching to a healthier and more environmentally-friendly alternative: a hard-wired router which enables you to route your Internet signal throughout your home without having to deal with the effects of EMFs.

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