Changing your windows

There are many reasons why a homeowner may decide to change their windows on their home. They range from efficiency, through to aesthetics and even material, but whatever the reason, there is always something that comes up – what type should we go for.


In the past, lots of people chose standard timber or upvc windows because of their great look and price, however, with the cost of technology coming down and the greater advancements, people are now going for aluminium which is unrivalled in its quality.

Aluminium as a product is obviously incredibly strong and this has brought a completely new way of looking at the window market. Gone are the day where just new ones because your old ones have failed were the criteria. Now people will even consider taking out very good windows, in order to get even better levels of security.

Another point to notice is that aluminium windows have completely changed the spectrum of what is considered good looking. With really thin sightlines and much more glass, the large frames that sued to be considered part of the window feature are being replace with modern, slick and almost coexistent approaches.

Obviously another superb reason for changing your windows and doors is to give yourself some better energy savings. The costs of heating the home has steadily risen over the past decade and with more and more people looking to cut costs where they can, this is obviously of great benefit to the homeowner. Much like buying a new car, getting new windows features the very latest technology and will inevitably help to keep efficiency levels higher. This coupled with much more energy efficient glazing which is proven to help regulate the temperature inside your home, means that during the warmer months you require less aircon costs and in the winter, the heating bills will also remain low. It is a no brainer.

Finally, and often something that is overlooked, is that your windows are inhibiting you from getting the most out of your home. Changing a double window into a single pane, adding a top opening window to allow you to keep the house cooler and changing a window to a door can all be of huge value to your home. This can also considerably alter its monetary value and could allow you to move into a bigger home if required and you need more money for a deposit. It all depends on what you change and the looking and style you go for.

As with all projects of this nature it, is always worth speaking to a professional company when making a decision. Someone like Yorkshire based Clear View, who specialise in aluminium windows, but also bi-folding and sliding doors, can offer the complete end to end solution and help you get the very best for your home. Alternatively doing your research and speaking to an architect can really help you get the best look and feel for your home.

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