Comparing Your Car to Your Wardrobe

There’s no question that people love their cars. In fact, some people love their cars so much that they allow it to affect and define other aspects of their everyday life – or vice versa. The next time you’re stuck in rush hour traffic wondering just how bad is L.A. traffic, take a glance at the cars that are around you. Take note of the make and model of said cars, yes, but also take note of what the drivers are wearing. You might be surprised to realize just how much what someone drives can impact the way that they dress.

There’s unquestionably “car stereotypes” out there (i.e., moms driving minivans, construction workers and contractors driving pickup trucks, athletes cruising in what New York Yankees drive, etc.), but if what you drive partially defines you as a person, so does what you wear. And the two factors are more interconnected than you may think. Here’s a look at a range of styles of clothing and how they may complement the vehicle that a person drives.

  • Hipster: Beards, skinny jeans, vintage shirts/tops, mismatching and glasses all tend to describe hipster attire, or clothing and styles that are out of the mainstream. And when it comes to clothing that’s out of the mainstream, it’s only natural that many hipsters tend choose a vehicle that’s out of the mainstream as well. Think along the lines of the Nissan Juke as well as more affordable vehicles like the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, any type of Jeep and the Volkswagen Jetta.

  • Grunge: The grunge-look gained momentum in the early 1990s when rock bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden rocketed into the mainstream music scene. The look is typically characterized by oversized, ratty-looking pants, oversized T-shirts and long hair. People who like the grunge look typically like driving similar cars as hipsters, such as the Jetta and Civic, as well as smaller pickup trucks.

  • Preps: White-collar professionals or those who just make it a point to look nice every day typically want a car that complements their look. Preps typically wear collared or polo shirts, khakis or dress pants, and sports coats. Women don skirts and jackets and/or dress pants. The hair of a prep is always neatly styled or made up, men’s faces are always neatly shaved, and style and appearance is very important. Hence, these types of people tend to drive luxury or business-style professional vehicles, like BMWs, Audis and Lincolns. For preps on a budget, the Ford Fusion or Ford Taurus are also nice vehicles that are little bit more affordable.

  • The Sustainable Dresser: These are the types of people that always have the environment in mind. They wear clothes from brands that put an emphasis on sustainability and the environment, and therefore drive cars that attempt to do the same thing. And when it comes to sustainable vehicles, it’s all about electric and hybrid-electric for these types of individuals (that is, if they aren’t skipping a car altogether and riding their bike everywhere). When it comes to sustainable vehicles, the Toyota Prius is a good, popular choice. For those who really want to take their game to the next level, however, there’s the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, BMW i3 and Tesla Model S. What’s more is that more and more automakers are releasing hybrid versions of most car models, so there’s lots to choose from to stay green out on the road.

What does the car you drive say about the way you dress? Is there a correlation at all? You’ve heard the old saying “you are what you eat.” Perhaps, these days, it should be revised to state “you are what you drive.”

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