Creating A Business Plan

Whether you are about to start or grow your business, you obviously need a business plan. The plan will be your roadmap to achieve the success you want. And the most important question is not if you should write the plan, it is how to create the plan to take your company where you want it to be. Your business plan is essential to answer a list of questions that every business owner should ask. The below questions are the gateway to a comprehensive business plan:

  1. Company Analysis – What products or services are you offering now? And what do you intend to develop in the near future?

  2. Industry Analysis– How huge is your market and how is it changing over time? What are the trends which are affecting your target audience and can these trends be abolished?

  3. Competitive Analysis– Who are your competitors? What are their main assets and their limitations? How and why are they stronger than you? And how can you overrun them?

  4. Customer Analysis– What is your target audience or your potential customers? What are their demographic profiles? And what do they expect from you?

  5. Marketing Plan– How will you reach out to your targeted customers? Which marketing strategies is better adapted to your products or services? What is your budget when it comes to marketing?

  6. Management Team– Who are part of your current team, and who should you hire to make your company work? Do you need a Board of Directors, and if so, who will they be?

  7. Operations Plan– What is your work plan? What are the steps you should take to reach where you want from where you currently are? It can be either in 1 year or 5 years.

  8. Financial Plan– How much external funding will you require to establish your company? In which areas will you invest these funds? What are the assets that you need? What is the estimated costs and profits in a lapse of 5 years?

Finding the right answers to these eight questions will help you devise your business goals. Also, the summary of your business plan will answer one of the most important question; will your business be successful?

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So, you are thinking about starting a business, the right time is now! Grab a chair and begin to answer the above questions. It is actually thinking about the answers in a strategic point of view which is the hardest part. However, the things that you write in your business plans, your strategies and your motivation will prompt others to invest and to trust you!

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