Euro 2020 Finals; Who’s Edging Ahead?

This weekend will mark the final day of the Euro 2020 tournament, after a year of delay and keeping the moniker, it certainly has been an exciting month of football which will culminate in what many are hoping will be a very exciting game as Italy and England clash at Wembley. The good news for many spectators is that much like the semi-finals, up to 60,000 fans will be allowed to watch the game live, and for those stuck at home looking to watch and wager with betting sites you can find some at offering odds for the game – but who’s looking to pull ahead?

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England go in as favourites – It has certainly been a great tournament for England, and by playing at home at Wembley they’ll certainly have the fan edge going in and feel much more comfortable at home. Throughout all of their games this tournament, they’ve also only given up one goal which came in the semi-final fixture against Denmark from a fantastic free-kick so Jordan Pickford in goal will certainly be full of confidence too. Arguably having the best squad of all of the teams at the competition, it certainly is all to lose for England, and if they’re able to show a strong performance as they have done over their past few games, and it could mark a day in history for the first England team to win the Euros in the history of the competition.

Italy aren’t to be underestimated – Definitely not to be slouched on though, Italy have looked incredible throughout the tournament and went on to knock out the favourites in Belgium back in the quarters too. With a very strong team of their own and a fast style of play, they may certainly look to set-up plenty of opportunities and maybe catch England out if they’re a little slower to start. Their semi-finals fixture against Spain did see them coming out as perhaps looking like the worse of the two teams but were still able to clinch the game in a penalty shoot-out, but fans will certainly be hoping the same Italy that appeared on Tuesday aren’t the same Italy that appear on Sunday, but certainly still have a very strong chance of taking the win too.

Whilst the competition has somewhat become caught up in news regarding things not about the game itself and instead around some questionable fan actions, many will be hoping that we see less of that side of things and more just people enjoying the game, but passions will be running high in the final, so we’ll just hope that the shenanigans stay off the pitch and that we see a clean and fun game.

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