Everything You Need to Know about the Los Angeles Breast Biopsy

A breast biopsy is a procedure in which tissue from the breast is collected to determine whether Cancer or any other disease is present there. While it can be offered to men and women alike, it is most common for women. They often seek out the help of a Los Angeles breast biopsy specialist after they have found an abnormality in there breast, including lumps, discomfort, or any other symptoms that could point to a problem.

What a Los Angeles Breast Biopsy Specialist Will Do

The breast biopsy is a procedure in which any suspicious or abnormal growth found within the breast tissue or the mammary glands is examined. If a lump is found, a surgical incision will be made through which a needle can be passed, which will suck out some of the tissue. This tissue sample is then sent to a pathologist who will determine whether it is malignant or benign. It is hoped that the sample will be benign, which means that it is non cancerous. Unfortunately, if the tissue is found to be malignant, cancer is present and will require immediate treatment.

In most cases, it is a woman who will herself find a breast cancer tumor. During routine breast examinations, she will feel an abnormal growth of cells. In some cases, it is even visible to the naked eye. When a woman then seek medical attention, their physician will refer them for a breast biopsy. The procedure itself is completed on an outpatient basis and will not require hospitalization.

Well the lump is the most commonly spotted symptom requiring a breast biopsy, there are other symptoms that women should be on the lookout for as well. For instance, should they experience a bulge near the collarbone or armpit, it could be indicative of cancerous cells spreading. If the skin of the breast is irritated or turned red, or if the nipple starts to develop skills or dimples, there may also be cause for concern. Other symptoms include swelling around the chest, milk discharge, and shape changes of the breast.

Breast ache should also be seen as abnormal and a woman experiencing this should speak to her position. Do remember however, that most of normalities do not necessarily mean cancer is present. This is what the breast biopsy will be able to confirm. In many cases, the biopsy will reveal and malignant situation, such as a cyst or infection. A breast biopsy is a form of diagnosis. While many women are reluctant to seek medical advice because they are afraid of the potential of having cancer, it is also important to remember that breast cancer is increasingly treatable, particularly if it is found early.

If you do require a breast biopsy, it is likely that your primary physician will refer you to a specialist. You do have the right to choose your own specialist or to seek a second opinion. Should you, for whatever reason, not be happy with the specialist you have been referred to therefore, then seek out one that you feel will be better suited. Do not however, avoid a biopsy altogether.

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