Exciting Reasons Why You Will Enjoy a Holiday in Saint Martin

If you’re planning your next vacation in the Caribbean, then you may want to consider Saint Martin as your next destination. You can pick from premium vacation rentals instead of the usual hotel rooms, for greater privacy and relaxation. Saint Martin is located about 200 miles east of Puerto Rico and it’s just a 30-minute boat ride from Anguilla.

Saint Martin is a somewhat strange island, but that just adds to its exotic quality. It’s quite small with a land area of 34 square miles, but ever since 1648 it’s been divided into two territories controlled by the Netherlands and by France. The Dutch area is the one with more touristy attractions, though the French section feels a lot more natural and relaxing.

So why visit? Here are some good reasons:

  1. Lots of different beaches. It may be a small island, but you have your choice among 37 different beaches. There are several beaches that are remote and sparsely populated, while others may feature rocky cliffs. Some are perfect for families with kids, while others are great for romantic couples. The more adventurous vacationers can look for beaches that feature scuba diving or jet skiing.

  2. Numerous restaurants. If you think the small island contains too many beaches, then your mind will be boggled by the culinary options. Here you have more than 300 restaurants to choose from, and this makes it the culinary capital of the whole Caribbean. The local cuisine is a heady mix of local Caribbean flavors with European influences. Whether you’re visiting a gourmet restaurant or enjoying a snack in a beachside shack, it’s always a treat.

If you like international cuisine, then you’ll find the particular kind you’re looking for. There’s Chinese, Mediterranean, Thai, and Italian, plus of course, there are lots of French dishes. Stay here for a while and you can still enjoy a different kind of cuisine each day.

  1. Different cultures and friendly folks. The Dutch and the French have coexisted peacefully here for hundreds of years, and it’s that kind of friendly atmosphere that’s very catching. In fact, it’s so inviting that the population here is comprised of more than 120 different nationalities! Everyone’s smiling and always in a party mood, and you’ll feel right at home. With so many different cultures, shopping for souvenirs is also quite an adventure. You just don’t know what you will find!

  2. Fantastic weather. If you’re coming from a cold country, then you’ll love the warm weather here in Saint Martin. It seems like it’s perpetually swimsuit season, though according to repeat visitors the best weather is from January to March.

  3. Fun nightlife. Here you’ll find clubs, bars, and pubs for your evening fun, and there are casinos too. Parties can be held indoors or in the open air. Add the drinks and the Caribbean beats, and every night is a party.

  4. Heaven for shopaholics. There are lots of shops here, and with the cosmopolitan mix of the people, you surely have lots of choices. What you’ll especially love is that the whole island is a duty-free shopping zone. So with the taxes out of the way, you can really enjoy bargain prices.

  5. Super scuba adventures. Scuba divers enjoy the various possibilities here, as you can enjoy caves, reefs, and wrecked ships like the famous British warship HMS Proselyte, which sank way back in 1801. Those who enjoy snorkeling can do so along the island reefs.

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