Four Things to Avoid Doing While the Divorce Case Is Ongoing

Going through a divorce is not easy. Couples go through a lot of tension and, at times, do things in an attempt to get revenge. Regardless of the tension and emotional stress, there are acts that one should not do while the case is ongoing. That is if both parties want to push through their divorce.

  1. Hide information from your lawyer

Lawyers, like those in Modern Law, primarily depends on the information that you have given them to argue your case. Always give true, reliable, and detailed information. Withholding important facts like issues of adultery, drunkenness, drug abuse, hidden assets, and the like can affect the lawyers’ ability to represent your side of the case. Late revelation of information will take them by surprise and create problems as they are not prepared to deal with it.

Come clean with your lawyer on all destroyed pieces of evidence and deleted emails as they can be easily retrieved and brought before the court. These can make you and your attorney look bad before the judges.

  1. Use excess alcohol or drugs

Under the influence of excess alcohol and drugs, you are bound to do that what you should not do. You can unknowingly say foul things about your soon-to-be ex-spouse, insult them, send them foul messages and the like. Doing this irresponsible behavior can also lead to the denial of your child custody request.

  1. Send offensive emails, text messages, or voicemails

Acting nice to your to a spouse can greatly help settle the divorce case quickly. If your spouse sends you nasty messages and threats, do not retort with the same weight of threats and insults. Remain calm as the issue may arise during the court proceedings.

The same applies to what you share on social media and with your friends. Be conscious about what you share regarding your current situation. It’s important that you do not share any advice and strategies regarding the case given by your attorney as it is deemed to destroy the attorney-client privilege.

  1. Get someone pregnant or get pregnant

Pregnancy, when a divorce case is ongoing, can greatly affect the course of the proceeding. It can get delayed until the court verifies the father’s identity. In November 2004, a Washington judge did not permit Shawnna Hughes to pursue her divorce case against her abusive husband since she got pregnant at the time the case was ongoing. The case was later decided after the birth of the child.

You definitely do not want the case to be delayed, so avoid getting pregnant or getting someone else pregnant while you’re waiting for the court’s decision.

Final Thoughts

A divorce case can go on from months to years. Thus, it’s easy for couples to make mistakes while the case is ongoing. However, lawyers highly advise you to be on your best behavior while there’s still no court decision. If there are things you’re planning to do to vent out your anger, be sure to consult your legal advisor first.

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