Giving fruit to the guys in the office helps

That’s right, fruit is an amazing way to boost productivity in the office. The simple benefits of a piece of fruit can actually make people work harder as well as smarter, which means you have a workplace that gets more done, as well as getting it done better. The following reasons should give you plenty to mull over, and we reckon you will be ordering in the fruit for your office pretty soon after reading. The benefits are just huge.


  • Cherries are a great and often overlooked fruit that helps your office staff work even harder without going down the route that leads to stress. If your office staff suffer from stress due to the working environment and the deadlines that loom, giving them cherries can really help, Cherries have been proven to calm the nervous system, allowing you to relax, focus, and get on with work in a much more productive manner. Buy a basket of fruit and ensure it includes cherries, and you’re looking at a workplace that is simply able to function better.

  • Apples are another great fruit. These little beauties offer workers so much, but perhaps one of the most important benefits the apple has is it’s ability to fight against infections. In a hothouse like an office, you’re looking at plenty of opportunities to have people go off sick due to infections, and even just simple issues like the common cold. By ensuring that your workforce has fruit on a daily basis, and including apples among the haul, you are going to help that workforce defend itself against colds and other issues.

  • Going back to the issues around calm and stress-free workplaces, watermelon is a very effective ally in this regard. It will help staff members by helping to manage the heart rate effectively. Watermelon is very good in this regard, and will actively try and maintain a positive heart rate for you. Grab a few slices of watermelon every day and your heart will stay regular and healthy. And your workforce will love you for it.

  • And then let’s take a look at grapes. If you serve up your workforce some grapes every day you’re doing them a huge favour. Grapes have an amazing amount of goodness in them, and one of the key ways in which they help boost productivity is that they relax your blood vessels. This means blood flows more freely, keeping you calm, stress free, and therefore more able to focus on your work.

There are many ways in which you can ensure that fruit is there to help people at work do better and do more. One of the best ways is to simply order in a fruit basket on regular basis. Fruitful Office are the leading UK provider of this service, if you’re interested I recommend checking out their site. It is rare for anyone to turn down fruit when it is free, and you know that your office will be healthier with it. But on top of that you will even have a more productive workforce, simply because you have chose to provide them with fruit.

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