Hidden Jet Charter Fees You Want to Avoid

No matter if you’re taking a family holiday trip to Australia or if you’re looking to quickly get to another state, chartering a private jet has become a more cost-effective option for travelers. Private jets allow you to travel in style while also arriving to your exact destination and avoiding crowds and other passengers.

Some people do worry about the cost of a private jet, but many companies have made their private jet trips more affordable for everyday passengers. Like other travel options, though, some private jet companies do have hidden fees that could make your trip unpleasant and more expensive. Instead of allowing this to occur, you need to be mindful of the hidden jet charter fees you want to avoid.

Hidden Membership Fees

Some jet companies offer membership opportunities to their passengers. For a fee, you can receive a jet charter card that provides you with different perks and amenities. Before you sign up for the membership, be sure the company provides a transparent jet charter fee structure and transparent jet charter card pricing. This way, you will understand exactly what it is that you’re paying for and how much you’re paying. Sometimes companies will tell you the membership is one fee, and then they’ll charge you for every move you make after that, such as a booking fee, a bag fee, etc. Avoid this by understanding exactly what you’re getting with your membership.

Fuel Surcharge

Sometimes a jet company will offer you a price for your trip, and then add on fuel surcharges at the end, making your trip more expensive. Before you sign a contract, make sure you discuss the fee with the company and ask if there will be a fuel surcharge added to the price. If they say no, then you have nothing to worry about. If they say yes, you will want to either ask them what that is and to have it included in the price so you know exactly what you’ll be paying, or you’ll want to find another airline that won’t charge you a surcharge for using their fuel.

Waiting Charge

This may seem like it’s made up, but there are jet companies out there who will charge their customers for waiting that is out of their control. For example, if the air traffic control doesn’t clear the jet for takeoff for an hour, some airlines will bill their customers for that one hour of wait time. Obviously, you can’t control everything that occurs during your flight, so you want to be sure you won’t be charged if unforeseen events occur. This is why it’s extremely important that you choose a jet charter company that will not charge you to wait, move the plane, or any other scenario that is not technically your fault.

Downgrade Charge

Sometimes events occur that force you to change your flight to something smaller or less stylish. In most cases, downgrading will save you money; however, there are some companies that will charge you for downgrading to a different plane. Before you sign a contract, make sure you understand the penalties (if any) for changing your flight needs. Sometimes a company will not charge a fee if you make your changes within a certain timeframe (such as one week before), but will charge a fee the closer you get to your travel date. Understanding the company’s policy will ensure you aren’t subject to surprise fees during your trip.

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