High performing sports flooring

All sports are physically demanding for athletes who spend many hours of their life training and playing matches on sports floors. Different types of sports will demand different things from the players, but also set different demands for suitable equipment – sports flooring plays a huge part in this regard. A major concern for athletes is the risk of injury, if you get badly injured it can be the end of your career. One of the most effective ways to prevent sports related injuries is to make sure that athletes have the best possible sports flooring to play on.


Choosing the right sports floor – factors to keep in mind

Weather the sports floor you are looking to purchase is for professional athletes or the playing surface for a youth league basketball team, you want it to perform well, be long-lasting, and be visually appealing. Depending on the sport that will be played on the floor, it should meet different requirements. If you are buying a new hardwood sports floor for a basketball court, and the floor you choose has poor ball bounce, it will not work for the purpose you intended. You should always consult with the manufacturer, and be every specific about the activities that will take place on the new floor.


Safety first – less injuries with quality sports flooring

Above all, playing sports should be fun, but unfortunately getting injured is not something that a played can be guaranteed against. Recovering from a sports related injury can be a long struggle, and for a professional athlete it could mean the end of their career. Especially for professionals, who spend endless hours training and playing matches on a sports floor, the quality of that floor is all important. With a sport like basketball, choosing an area elastic floor is ideal. With an area elastic floor impact from the player is deflected over a wide surface area this provides high levels of shock absorption. The floor gives the athlete ultimate freedom of movement while being protected against injury.  


Extra points of consideration when choosing sports flooring

Hardwood sports flooring is a great option and delivers substantial longevity as they can last decades and decades. A significant advantage, compared to a synthetic floor, is that a hardwood sports floor can be sanded down to bare wood, resealed, repainted and refinished. This type of floor is a big investment but it will last you for years. If you decide to install a hardwood sports floor, you should be cautious of the environment in that place since, wood is an organic material that will expand and contract depending on the humidity levels. Get a professional to install it, to ensure the best possible result.




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